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Executive Summary

Iphone focuses on making communication easier and faster by developing mobile phone features that combine several features and apps to deliver a product that brings a whole new meaning to a mobile phone and smart phone. It comes with a larger display, a faster clip, ultrafast wireless technology, and it is also the thinnest and lightest of the smart phones (Apple, 2013). Apple provides a platform for people to enjoy communication, advance and develop better ways of communication by availing important apps that can be used by organizations and individuals either in their professional lives or while socializing with other professionals (Hamper, 1990).

Strategic Marketing

Apple combines its vision, an up to date technology and a good innovative background to deliver a ground-breaking product that provides the citizens of Qatar with the ability to achieve the levels of communication that is proportional to its emerging market and economy.

The goals will be to use a brand matching technology that is equivalent to the product, drive sales through advertisements and utilize and build mass of users in Qatar given that this is an emerging world market.

The goals and objectives are an important part of the long range planning effort of iPhone 5; they will be revised on an ongoing basis as need would arise. These marketing goals represent specific activities that presently are viewed as offering the best opportunity and highest pay off for the firm.

Current Marketing Situation

Apple Company and the iPhone itself had the ease of use as its marketing tag line. This has received threats and competition from other smart phone manufacturers such as HTC and Samsung who have developed almost similar models, which have substantially if not completely closed the ease-of-use gap and, therefore, Apples differentiation (Gilligan & Wilson, 2003). As a result, the company developed and positioned themselves a think different company and has, therefore, developed apps that are appealing to the eye. In Qatari market that is emerging as a global shopping destination, the product targets global company chief executives who will find the apps conducive mainly due to the flexibility that it brings along, which allows even video conferencing and video chat; hence they can hold an office brief from the comfort of their holiday destination (Hamper, 1990). Also, the target audience will include the young and innovative business people and the employed people. One thing that is not lost to the company is the competition from quarters such as Samsung, and HTC that are also targeting the same market and the same segments. The companys competitive advantage is the fact that iPhone 5 is the smallest and the thinnest smart phone; it has features and apps that resonate very well to the people; it is appealing to the eye; it is one of its kind to employ the use of retina display technology. This means that instead of creating a different layer of touch electrodes within display pixels, they can play both roles that of acting as touch-sensing electrodes and at the same time displaying the image (Apple, 2013).

SWOT Analysis


The features created by Apple, the apps included; and the retina display technology put the iPhone 5 ahead of the smart phones developed currently; and this is what provides the cutting edge in the market (Hamper, 1990).

Team expertise: the combined expertise and talent of the founders coupled with a good human resource, system development team and the sales and marketing department gives iPhone 5 an entry into Qatari market an edge (Gilligan & Wilson, 2003).

Industry best practices: the technology employed by iPhone 5 model drawn from computer applications and mobile phone fields and combined in such a way that it allows online feedback and social networking that suits the industrys best practices.

Taking into account that Qatar market consist of the oil industry players, the stock apps available on iPhone 5 are useful tools that would suit them and enable them follow the performance of the stock market and the Forex trading; therefore, they are able to enjoy doing business at the comfort of their homes and would not be required to keep travelling to the stock markets (Gilligan & Wilson, 2003).


Broad target market: due to the fact that iPhone 5 is targeting a wide range of segments, the product has not been customized for each segment, but the apps have been generalized to fit each segment uniquely.

Inability to guarantee critical mass: as is true of most mobile apps and smart phone providers, the business must take the lead and deal with the repercussions thereof (Reed, 2006).


There is a gap in the smart phone business that iPhone 5 is ready to fill since the other smart phones have not yet fully utilized the various needs and demands by the emerging market segments in Qatar. Also, there is a gap in service delivery since most smart phone companies neglect the need to give a good customer service to the customers, therefore, iPhone 5 will build in on this to tap customer loyalty in Qatar (McDonald & Keegan, 2002).


Convergence: the existing competitors may form an alliance and establish a strong position in Qatari market hence denying iPhone 5 the market lead that it so much wants in Qatari (Hamper, 1990).

Inability to protect the model from other players who copy and develop similar apps, thereby diluting its market advantage, for example, the case in arbitration with Samsung Company, which involved a breach in intellectual property rights. The model can be copied by other competitors (Luther, 2011).

Marketing Strategy

IPhone 5 is the thinnest, lightest and fastest phone ever. It is relatively about 7.6 millimeters thin; this was achieved by developing various small components of the phone. A nano-SIM card was created; it is 44 percent smaller than a micro-SIM. Also, a unique cellular solution for iPhone 5 was created and developed. Conventionally, building LTE into a phone uses two chips: one is for voice and another for data, but iPhone 5 combines them into one single chip (Apple, 2013). For iPhone 5, Apple created headphones that considered the fact that different people have a different shape and sizes of ears. Using optical scans combined with silicone molding, they created 3D models of various ear types to find common shape across many different people.

IPhone 5 is made from highly recyclable products, like aluminum, and not harmful toxin materials, therefore, it is environmentally friendly. It is free from brominated flame retardants and polyvinyl chloride which are toxic to the environment.

IPhone 5 hasa great battery life so that you can easily make it through your daily duties. It provides a maximum of 8 hours of browsing and another maximum of 10 hours of video playback. Again, its A6 chip is powerful, yet it does not consume so much power. This chip makes it possible for everything done at a higher speed. It provides also a very fast wireless and LTE functions so that one is able to surf on the Internet at a good speed. Moreover, since iPhone supports more networks all over the world, its ability to connect at blazing fast speeds makes it conducive for the Qatari market (Apple, 2013). This phone has one of the worlds most popular cameras that capture great photo data, and the hardware and software are combined to give the high quality behind the scene images and color adjustments. This is advantageous to those who are on holiday in Qatari (McDonald & Wilson, 2011).

Product Distribution

The product will be distributed through Apples online store on its website to act as the primary user acquisition strategy. Deliveries will be done as per the arrangements with the target market customers. Again, the company will open an outlet in Qatar to offer direct sales to the market segments in a period of one year of operation (Hartline & Ferrell, 2011).


Apple products have a uniform pricing across the globe normally fixed at a particular price that is applicable to all.


The company will employ the use of print adverts in the Dailies in Qatar and other online print forms to reach each market segment. Along with print adverts, strategic billboards will be erected in various urban and suburban areas to generate interest about the smart phone and brand awareness among consumers in Qatar passing through such areas (Gilligan & Wilson, 2003). This strategy will be of great benefit since the presence of a billboard displaying the wonderful iPhone 5 product would arouse demand from the vibrant and dynamic market available in Qatar.

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