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Microsoft Corporation is one of the public corporations that are famous for their successful application of technology and communication resources. Besides, the corporation involves its stakeholders in impacting the entire success of the business. In this assignment, Microsoft Corporation will be used in assessing the technology and globalization changes impact on organizations. Also, mission and vision statements will be evaluated for their influence on the success of the corporation. In addition, stakeholders of the corporation influence on the overall success of the corporation will be evaluated.

Globalization and changes in technology have led to the increase in productivity of Microsoft Corporation. The corporation depends entirely on the technology for development of its products. Thus, technology changes have helped the corporation to come up with products that utilize emerging technologies (Hitt et al, 2011). This has made the corporation increase the number of products that it deals with, which in turn enhances the profitability of the corporation. Changes in technology have made the corporation diversify its products leading to increased sales. Changes in technology have also improved the productivity of the corporation through technology, some software applications have been discovered such as employee monitoring applications, which monitor how employees carry out their responsibilities. This has indeed increased the efficiency with which employees carry out their responsibilities leading to improvements in productivity of the corporation.

On the other hand, globalization has also impacted the corporation positively. Globalization has opened up the world for business. In the past, it was hard to establish businesses in other areas other than the home country, however, with the enhancement of globalization, establishment and sale of business products to other sections of the world has been made possible. Through globalization, the corporation has been capable of establishing subsidiary businesses in other sections of the world (Withee, 2010). Establishment of subsidiary businesses to different sections of the world has aided the corporation in increasing its sales revenue leading to increased productivity. Besides, globalization has assisted the corporation in minimizing operating costs as the corporation is capable of establishing its operations, where labor costs are exceedingly low.

Through the application of industrial organization and resource-based models, it is feasible for the organization to earn returns that are above average. The industrial organization model involves the use of the external environment while resource-based model involves the application of the internal environment in enhancing returns to the business (Hitt et al, 2011). The corporation can improve its returns through establishing its businesses in countries, where corporate tax is low. This will enable the corporation to reduce its operation cost since tax expenses will be maintained at a low charge. This will in turn improve the returns to the corporation. Besides, the corporation should consider establishing its businesses in countries or regions, where government regulations and legal environments are conducive for business establishment and growth. This will ensure that the corporation does not spend a lot of resources in establishing its subsidiaries in different regions. This will save on legal and establishment costs leading to enhanced returns to the business. In addition, the corporation should establish its businesses in regions, where there is availability of consumers for its products. Availability of consumers will ensure high sales value leading to increased returns.

On the other hand, the corporation can use its internal environment in enhancing its returns. One the resource-based model that the corporation can use in improving its returns is its employees. Employees of the corporation can become motivated so as to increase the returns of the corporation (Hitt et al, 2011). Through using its employees, the corporation can encourage its employees to become more innovative, which can lead to the development of new products that the company can sell in increasing its returns. The corporation can also utilize its financial strength in financing research that can lead to the development of new products, which can fetch more for the corporation, leading to increased returns. In addition, the corporation can use its management in ensuring that there is increased efficiency in employees carrying out their tasks. Increased efficiency of employees will lead to increased productivity, which will lead to enhanced returns to the corporation.

Mission and vision statements are exceedingly crucial for the success of the corporation. The mission statement of the corporation states that the corporation works to assist individuals and businesses in realizing their maximum potential. The corporation usually utilizes this mission statement in carrying out its operations. This encourages people and businesses making them support the corporation through purchasing its products (Withee, 2010). Individuals and businesses will always support businesses that have the best interest for them. Through the support that the corporation receives from businesses and individuals, the corporation is capable of accomplishing its objectives leading to a success of the corporation in doing business. For instance, through coming up with applications that assist in making calculation easy to individuals and businesses, individuals and businesses are usually encouraged to associate with the corporation in carrying out their services. Therefore, through carrying out its operations based on its mission statement, the corporation is capable of offering supportive services that make individuals and businesses support the corporation, leading to its success. On the other hand, the vision statement is getting a workstation running the corporations software in every desk and home. This statement helps the corporation to be successful in its operations as it shows a global interest rather than a regional interest. Through its vision, the corporation is capable of focusing on its objectives, which make the corporation achieve success.

Stakeholders are critical in accomplishing success of a business. In Microsoft Corporation, different stakeholders have helped in influencing the success of the corporation. Employees have always shown cooperation with the management in ensuring that the corporation attains success (Withee, 2010). For instance, employees carry out their tasks efficiently in order to ensure the success of the corporation. Besides, employees have always remained as potential innovators in the corporate giving any necessary creativity that can lead to the development of new products; this leads to the success of the corporation since there is increased productivity necessary for the corporations growth.

The management is also vital in ensuring the success of the corporation. The management provides the necessary support to employees such as providing health facilities, which make employees remain productive for all the time. This ensures that the corporation attains set targets leading to the success of the corporation. The management also ensures that it hires employees that are highly skilled. This ensures that employees are well-qualified in carrying out operations of the corporation. This makes the corporation successful since there is increased efficiency in production leading to enhanced services and commodities.

The government is also a vital stakeholder in ensuring the success of the corporation. Various governments offer an excellent environment for the corporation operations. For instance, low regulation and corporate tax costs. These keeps the operating costs of the corporation down, leading to increased profitability. This is critical for the success of the corporation.

Therefore, government is crucial in determining the success of the corporation. In addition, consumers are also a critical part of the corporations success. The corporation cannot achieve success without selling its services and products. Consumers usually provide necessary support through purchasing the products of the corporation. The corporation attains success through making sales; hence, consumers are critical in influencing the success of the corporation.

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