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Brief Description

The business I would like to start is a freestanding vending machine company called On the Go. Vending machines are powered by solar energy. The vending machines are going to be placed in high traffic areas like enterprises, underground, military bases, airports, shopping malls, colleges, and universities. Vending machines will offer hot and cold pastries, healthy and non-healthy snacks, candies, hot meals, and hot and cold beverages.

I think that a range of customers will be wide: from students to business and service people. Vending machines are used widely now, and vending machines selling food are becoming more and more popular. That is why it is necessary to differentiate my services. This differentiation should be clear for the customers. The food sold through On the Go can be the same as the food sold by competitors. However, the way of production is different. The vending machines are powered by ecologically friendly solar energy. This is the main difference, and this can be represented in advertising as an advantage of my services and its difference from similar services of competitors.

It is also benefitial to formulate a clear mission statement. My mission statement will be as follow: We provide good food for our consumers, and at the same time we take care of the environment. It is also positive to create a slogan for the company On the Go. It can be such: Be sated and be eco!

Vision of On the Go"

Creation of a detailed vision of the organization is vital. Thus it will be easier to understand the goals for the future and the way of reaching them. Suggested vision for On the Go is as follows:

The company:

Developing a brand with high quality and reputation

Successful competition on the market due to high quality, reasonable prices and ecological approach

Popularization of vending machines for meals

Saving money due to the low cost of solar energy

Spreading the business abroad

The clients:

Providing high-quality meals for reasonable prices

Shift to selling only healthy meals in the future

Placing vending machines in all places where they are needed

Drawing customers attention to ecological aspect of the business and its importance in modern world through context advertising

The society and the environment:

Attracting social attention to environmental issues

Using only solar energy in business and persuading other firms and people to use alternative forms of energy

Taking part in different ecological projects

Setting own ecological projects

Donating part of profits to ecological organizations

Principles and Values of On the Go

For every enterprise, social responsibility and ethics are of great importance. Main principles and values of On the Go are devoted to usage of solar energy and care of the environment. I think that such principles and values are indispensable in the modern world because environmental issues are becoming more and more serious. Using solar energy and being environmental-friendly can be a particular feature and responsibility of On the Go which makes it different from competitors.

Other main values are consumers and their needs. In future, only healthy food is going to be sold through On the Go. This value means the social responsibility and ethics. On the Go is responsible for health of consumers. To my opinion, it is unethical to advertise and sell unhealthy products.

One more principle is culture. On the Go will popularize among consumers contemporary important cultural principle that is ecologic culture. The task can be reached through advertising and ecological projects.

Strategic Direction of On the Go

Organizations mission, vision and values guide the strategic direction. I think they will help On the Go to be successful in the future.

Solar energy is the main value of my company, and the only power sourece used by On the Go to provide vending machine services. Solar energy has many advantages. Solar power offers a wide array of advantages over fossil fuels, from renewability and cleanliness to reliability and independence (Live Strong, 2010).

Solar energy is renewable, and at the same time oil, natural gas and coal are non-renewable. Solar energy is non-toxic and also provides economic benefits. Though implementing solar energy system is costly, it helps to cut costs in the future. It helps to be independent from fossil fuels and to reduce environmental pollution (Live Strong, 2010). Therefore, I think that using solar energy will help On the Go to gain strategic goals. On the Go will be not only environmental-friendly, but also profitable due to lower costs.

The values of social responsibility and ethics will also be helpful. Consumers usually like the organizations that take care of them. I think they will also like new culture provided by On the Go. It will help to attract more customers and to be compatible on the market.

I think that mission We provide good food for our consumers, and at the same time, we take care of the environment will also guide the strategic direction. It shows two main aims of On the Go, and we should concentrate on both in order to become successful as soon as possible.

Mission shows the main goals, and vision shows them in detail in the future. Our vision is connected with the company itself, the clients, the society and the environment. Goals that form vision can help to make strategic decisions and to reach our goals in future.

Customer Needs and Competitive Advantage

Meeting customer needs is the fundamental goal of every enterprise. Without customers, the existence of a profitable organization is impossible. Meeting needs of customers can help to achieve competitive advantages.

The main need of the clients of On the Go is to get a quick and tasty meal at a reasonable price. On the Go is likely to meet this needs. However, there are many competitors on the market. That is why it is necessary to satisfy the needs better in order to have competitive advantages.

At the very beginning, through On the Go there are going to be sold both healthy and unhealthy food. Nevertheless, in the nearest future this is going to chang. I would like to sell only healthy food through On the Go. Such advantage will advertise the company and persuade customers to buy meals from On the Go. This difference will help the company to have competitive advantages because all other vending machine companies also sell unhealthy food.

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