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In this paper, I will discuss the various issues that concern information technology, like agile project management, trade offs death march and others. I will draw my inferences from the book Adventures of an It leader (Austin, Nolan, & O'Donnel, 2009).

Keywords: Software, information technology, systems, death march, trade offs


Huerta tends to be of the opinion that the firm keeps executing their projects ineffectively, because they fail to plan over and over again yet they expect better results. She moves on further to opine that to move from that kind of stagnation, it is imperative that they take the step to plan the discipline to follow it through to the end.

The compatibility maturity model approach to software project management has key charecteristics, which it uses to improve its general efficiency. To begin with, it has to ensure that they remove obstacles that keep them from achieving their goals in sofware development. Secondly, before a firm ventures to instal new software, the management has to establish the most stable environment to encourage professionalism. Improved software development methods cannot be successful unless a firms organizations behavior changed to enable them. They should also define the standards, which employees should meet.

In my opinion, the major idea behind the agile project management is all about shifting ground from the normal way of management called water fall, which is concerned with managing tasks to the agile project management concerned with managing people. This is one of the most effective ways to ensure that, tasks are being carried out efficiently, by observing the team of workers and making them as comfortable as it is possible. Also, the traditional waterfall is easier. The agile management is the most preferred in software projects to mitigate the risk associated with such a shift, not only because it is cost effective, but also because it is a good way to ensure that the needs of the customer are properly met in a timely fashion.

Death march projects are usually stressful from the word go due to restraints in finance, time, and proper periods of rest. Last summer while I was working for a software firm in which we were required to install a new software to a firm, which had contracted our services. The problem was that we had 48 hours to do it and in order to beat the deadline we had to go for so many hours without rest, or proper meals. At first, this sounded impossible, but as the deadline approached, exhaustion kicked in, tempers flared, it was a race to keep jobs, the initial plan changed and we all summoned our energies to ensure that the job is done, this experience was very grueling and up to date I know that I do not want to ever experience those kind of working conditions again.

Almost half of all software development plans end in losses, it is very important that there is an effective process for negotiations, and putting the requirements on the table in trade offs designed to significantly reduce the risks by expressly explaining the requirements to the third party IT specialist, and reducing the reviews from the word go in a negotiation. It is also important to have a shared vision during its development and logical means of dispute resolution like negotiation, lack of implementing these may make trade offs inevitable (Austin, Nolan, & O'Donnel, 2009).

At face value it may seem impossible to do a percentage estimation of the computer applications versus qualifiers applications, it would be in the better interest of the firm to how they are flactuating and by how much. Because when computers become qualifiers there should always be a strategy to find out how to deal with that situation and manage them where flactuations are at their lowest (Austin, Nolan & O'Donnel, 2009).

Finally, this text infrastructure refers to the basic infrastructure of the company, the infrastructure is a computer software that shows the pathway of a command given by the computer (Austin, Nolan, & O'Donnel, 2009 ). It differs with the ones we have discussed, in that the ones weve discussed are physical hardwares used to interconnect several computers while this one is a software application, which interconnects them.

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