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How a Bill Becomes a Law

The Problem

According to Chan (2010), many students have a risk to face accidents in school buses due to various factors. This problem is blamed on drivers who act recklessly on the roads. Besides, many school buses do not have safety belts for students to put on for extra security. Another problem that causes accidents is drinking, consumption of drugs or both at the same time. Another critical issue is that out there on the roads, there are many underage and inexperienced drivers.

My Proposal

According to the Commission for Global Safety (2010), a bill should be passed to ensure that all school buses have safety belts in order to reduce the number of fatalities and injuries that might result from road accidents. Additionally, I propose all institutions of learning to be warned against employing drivers that are below the required age standards or lack experience. Commission for Global Safety (2010) also indicates that there should be a rule for school buses not to be allowed to carry more than the required capacity when students are been transported from one place to another. According to Chan (2010), it is essential for educational institutions to employ people that have been tested on drugs use. The author proposes that this should be implemented because drivers that are inoxicated lead to a myriad accidents.

Background Research

Reports indicate that similar legislations were proposed in other states due to the increased road accidents, involving school buses. For instance, New York proposed that all school buses should be inspected and certified before getting an allowance to transport children. This move was intended to deal away with the increased number of road accidents in the county. Denver was one of the states that proposed the installation of safety belts in school buses. It was arrived at after several reports of students being involved in accidents.

This proposal follows the recent rise in road accidents, as reported in the media. It is indicated that several students have suffered injuries due to travelling in school buses that are not roadworthy (Global Launch, 2011). Additionally, reports from the Police Department indicate that many accidents involving school buses result in injuries due to students not putting on seat belts when they are travelling.

Finances and Stakeholders

Financial Impact

This proposal will have a significant financial impact on various areas. For instance, schools will have to spend a lot to ensure that all their school buses are equipped with seat belts for students safety. Additionally, the state will be forced to contribute more to ensure that school buses are equipped with safety belts, as specified by the law. Despite the fact that it will lead to an increased cost of purchasing and installing the safety belts, research indicates that it will, in turn, reduce the cost that the state and schools will have in treating students who get injured when school buses get in accidents.

Stakeholder Groups that will support this Bill

According to Commission for Global Safety (2010), various stakeholders are well placed to support this bill. These include businesspersons, parents and legislators. According to the Commission for Global Safety (2010), businesspersons support this bill because it will avail them an opportunity to cash in from selling the seat belts. Besides, those engaged in selling spare parts and garage owners will benefit more since schools will take their buses to them in order to make the necessary andjustments. Chan (2010) asserts that parents are also expected to support the bill because it will ensure safety of their children when travelling in school buses. Lastly, legislators are also expected to support the bill because it will save the state funds used for treating and compensating the families of students that are injured when school buses get involved in accidents (Commission for Global Safety, 2010). Teachers are also expected to support the bill, since it will help them avoid blame when a school bus gets involved in an accident. Teachers who accompany students on trips are expected to provide a report regarding the cause of the accident. Thus, they will support the bill.

People that will Oppose this Bill

Legislators are not expected to support this bill fully. Some may oppose the bill, given the fact that it will lead to additional spending by the state. It is arising from the fact that the state usually has limited funds available for the development of major projects. Legislators might also oppose this bill because they can be compromised into the decision. This abounds from the fact that schools might not be in a position to channel their funds into road safety, given their tight budgets, which means that the legislators can reject to support the bill because they know the state will be forced to undergo the additional expenditures.


I would like to make an appointment with the state legislator to propose this bill because it is a critical aspect, given that it concerns the safety of children in the state. I am aware that the legislator is a busy person, but I would like to stress the fact that it is a critical issue that requires immediate attention; I am certain that all parents would like to be confident of their childrens safety. Additionally, I would like to point on the need to be able to see the legislator in order to propose this bill because it has the potential of reducing the state spending on compensating families of students that were hurt in an accident.

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