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People enjoy their lives in case they can make enough money for living and also provide they feel themselves protected. The US economy is not as stable as it was only a few decades ago, but the government always makes sure American citizens have the best conditions for working and living happily. The issue of safety was not as essential during the twentieth century, till the 9/11 attack on the WTC took place. Americans participated in different wars worldwide, helped other allies, but military actions were always taking place outside the country. The mentioned above terroristic attack cast some light on the real state of things in the modern world for lots of Americans. They became worried for their own lives, as well as the lives of their relatives and friends. Government could not wait any longer and allow other attacks to take place, and that is why the active actions aimed at the prevention of the possible acts of terrorism were taken.

There is an old saying which states that the best way of defense is offence. War on Terror was implemented in life based on this principle. Although the term covers different military actions and actual wars outside the United States, some of which are still lasting, like the War in Afghanistan, the War on Terror became a new stimulus for life for millions of Americans. Many young people enrolled to the military after the tragic events of 9/11, and all of them were inspired by the idea to protect their nation, their families and relatives from the potential harm caused by the terrorists. They did not need any additional motivation from the government, and this was the key difference compared to some other grand military conflicts the US was involved in the last century. For example, The Vietnam War had a lot of opponents among the citizens, there were numerous protests against it, and youth was trying to avoid being drafted to the army. The difference in the behavior and attitude of the society to the major conflicts in the US history is obvious. War on Terror is an attempt of the US government to prevent any more intrusions on the American land, and it is fully supported by the Americans. On the contrary, Vietnam War was just a way to try and expand the area of influence of the US government in the Eastern Asia region. Thus, we can say the War on Terror allowed a lot of American citizens to express their patriotism and fight for their country.

Despite the willingness of the US citizens to protect their homes, they had to be united under the command of the government. Governmental interests could differ from those of the people involved in war, but they have something in common. That is the wish of the people and the government to ensure safety on American land by means of destructions of the most dangerous criminals and terrorists. Top people from the special governmental organizations were involved in the scrupulous search of the terrorists, responsible for the 9/11 attack and smaller acts of terrorism committed afterwards. Smartest security analysts spent days and months analyzing the data collected and developing the strategy that would allow destroying the terrorist centers as assassination of the leaders of the terrorist organizations would not have been enough. Terrorists have thoroughly desired hierarchies of their organizations, and they would continue attacking the innocent people worldwide unless destroyed completely. That is why the decision of the US government to put the most possible efforts on destroying the terrorism in the world and protection of the national security are justified.

The War on Terror lasts for over a decade, and a substantial drawback from it can be observed from the first days the military actions began. Government spent a lot of money on proper preparation of all the actions and putting them together in order to achieve the primary goal elimination of terrorists. However, the focus should have been done on the different aspect of the War on Terror peoples lives. In an attempt to protect the citizens of the US, government seems to have forgotten that soldiers are part of the nation as well. Despite their dedication, their lives should be considered very important since they are the ones who fought and keep fighting with terror. The statistics of the KIA soldiers who were taking part in the military actions during War on Terror is the factor that makes us start thinking about the temporary ceasefire and coming up with a new strategy that would allow minimizing, or even getting rid of the unpleasant statistics of KIA.

War on Terror is a part of the modern history, and since it still takes place, we cannot be sure when stating about its overall significance to the country. However, we can say it became a factor that changed the viewpoints of the American society on many important things, especially on the homeland security. Many people, especially youth, felt themselves responsible for the future of the country and enrolled to the national army in order to fight terror while the government tried to minimize the loss during the military actions. This all gave certain positive results as a lot of terroristic organizations were eliminated and the number of acts of terror got less. The US national security was also improved, and thus it seems to be quite reasonable that War on Terror continues. Consequently, its outcomes would guarantee safety of the United States and the rest of the world.

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