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Marketing Campaign for a Successful Product Launch

The considerable part social network is doing at present is quite amazing bearing in mind that it has not been present for a long time. The attraction of clients is very important towards the new product, Advanced Vending Machine and the most important thing to do so that a product is received positively by the customers is undertaking massive promotional actions. Also, direct marketing antics such as telephone marketing and direct emailing are quite useful in that they help the company in communicating directly with the clients and obtaining considerate feedbacks from them. Furthermore, other tools like advertisement, public relations, and personal selling have been knowing in the business world to produce positive and effective results as they offer the customers the chance to better know the new product. All these marketing and promotional tools are geared at successfully promoting the new vending machine and the subsequent outcome will definitely be positive.

Marketing Campaign for a Successful Product Launch

1. Introduction

ADVANCED VENDING MACHINE is a new vending machine yet to be released into the market and because of this, the product requires to be launched into the market. Intensive promotional tools are required in any new launching of a new product in the market and therefore this report will thoroughly analyze on the subject of the promotional devices to be applied and it is based on two core findings which are assessment of promotional tools and obtaining triumphant outcome from the promotional tools.

2-Main Findings

2.1-Section One

2.1.1 Social network

The list below shows a list of universal social networks which the company could make use of to promote their innovation, the advanced vending machine:

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The social network provider is whereby the online service provides direct interactions with different people all over the world and has interactive platforms where people chat directly with one another. For instance, Twitter and Facebook are two social networks that have grown for the past 5 years and currently have more than 1.4 billion subscribers (Zarrella 2010).

Moreover, the company can come up with a customized blog or a website that would provide massive information regarding the new products and all the services they offer. The website/blog would also have an interactive segment where the readers could leave their comments about the product (Burrow, & Bosiljevac 2012).

2.1.2 Direct marketing

For the past decade, direct marketing has tremendously grown to become actually a successful marketing tool. There have been massive technological advances achieved over the same period and other changes include changing expectations and lifestyles and they all have affected direct marketing (Hughes & Fill 2005). These effective direct marketing tools include telephone marketing and direct mail (Blythe 2006). Telephone- marketing

The company can use phone marketing whereby it can use a toll-free phone service to contact clients on the new product and inform them of its qualities and the launching date (Pride & Ferrell 2006). This tool is advantageous as the company will have direct interaction with the clients at any instance and more so will expressly get responses from them (Hughes & Fill 2005). Direct mail

There is intense competition in the marketing world as many companies release their products throughout and thus for a company to capture a market it has to apply the direct mail marketing tool. The company can reach a large client/market base by sending loads of emails to prospective customers (Lewis 2002). The responses received would also assist in evaluating the market response to the new product (Roberts, & Berger 1999).

2.1.3. Advertising

Promotional advertising is a noteworthy aspect to interact with customers. The sole purpose behind advertising is to enlighten, convince plus remind the clients on the Advanced Vending Machine (Trehan & Trehan, 2010). The company may opt to use several advertisement avenues to promote its new product, for instance, such as radio and television advertisements which can reach quite a large audience nationally or even globally. Television is the most effective as the audience will be able to visually see the product while viewing their preferred programs like films or even sports (Kotler & Armstrong 2009).

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2.1.4. Public Relation

The main aim of contacting public relations is to put the company along with its new innovative product to the people's mind or rather make them well informed or aware of the new product (Blythe 2010). Sometimes, people seem to dislike personal selling and advertising (Kotler 1999), and therefore this indirect way to advertise a product will be positively taken by the clients as they see it as a means of education on the product (Heath & Vasquez 2001)

2.1.5. Personal selling

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The individual selling tool is of great help to the promotional campaign as it aids the company to acquire information regarding its competitors, marker, and customers (Hughes & Fill 2005). Personal selling entails selling the product one on while with the client although promotionally but it has many merits as for once it helps in customer education, relationship building between the sale person and the customer and this creates trust amongst them (Ellis & Fitchett 2010).

2.2 Section Two

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The whole lot of promotional tools named above are best suited for promoting the new product and more so attract prospective clients. For instance, social network like Facebook is quite an interactive platform for many clients and therefore the company will probably opt to come up with its own Facebook page which will then be dedicated to posting the full details of the new products and also engaging people interactively on the issues concerning the product (Brassington & Pettitt 2003). The new website will also entail detailed information on Advanced Vending Machine and through its blog posts; many clients will be informed on it. Similarly, personal selling apparently will be fully exercised during the launching since many customers will be present. Furthermore, advertising will be placed on several advertising platforms like print media, public events, and visual and audio media channels to reach a large market base. Public relations on the other hand will make use of employed personnel who are well equipped with marketing skills about the product.

3.0 Conclusion

The promotional tools mentioned above provide an excellent opportunity for the Express Venting Company to attract numerous clients to like their product and more so attend the launch extravaganza. Thus, personal selling, public relation, advertising, direct marketing, and social network are great promotional tools for marketing the new vending machine (Roberts, & Berger 1999).

4.0 Recommendation

All the above marketing tools are good for promoting a new product in the market but the tools which are quite excellent include a social network and advertising since they are more effective than the other tools. For instance, since nearly everyone, and especially the young generation, is on social networks, this offers a good market platform to market the product. Advertising media is everywhere and in all forms ranging from print formats, online platforms such as company website, audio and visual, and many people happen to have access to them therefore will be quite a good base for promoting the new product (Adcock, Brandfield, Halborg and Ross 1998).


5.0 Appendix

Advertising tools




-Low price

-creativity and quality

-higher rate of reaching the expected audience

-Long time frame since published quarterly, or monthly


- flexibility in ad size

-Geographic selectivity

-upper individual market exposure

- Short term commitment

-short shelf span of ad

-high ad space competition


-large market coverage

-best cost-effectiveness

-fully reach the targeted audience

-high sophistication of ads


-Higher cost involvement

-not very effective as it takes limited time

-production of an ad is expensive


-Low cost

-high coverage

-high trust

-Powerful local medium

- no direct response

-low emotional strength and attentiveness




-Customized Placement

-People Will See It


-Long-term Commitment

-Messages Must Be Brief

-Very expensive

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