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Market Analysis: Munchies Market-Product Focus

Marketing and Product Objectives

The main marketing objective of the new service is to deliver food products at night time. These are delivered to individuals within the established time, ensuring the availability of customized menus. Further, convenience is another marketing objective that application developers should consider. In particular, the clients can order food after 10 p. m. Such an option is beneficial because few cafes and restaurants are available during this time period. Consequently, time management can add to the product value.

The product objectives include the analysis of application benefits for consumers. Additionally, the product delivery will be based on the conception principle. It implies that clients can have a variety of options at their disposal while choosing the dishes on the menu display. Options also involve the possibility to complement the dish with other ingredients or delete them from the original recipe. In such a way, the application will ensure the customized approach to delivering food.

Target Markets

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The target market includes college students. This segment is the most appropriate about the established marketing and product objectives for several reasons. First, college students refer to the technologically savvy group who can easily manage various online and phone applications, including the one offered by the marketing program. Second, this client segment is more inclined to order food at night time and, therefore, this particular service is a good opportunity for them to use. Finally, students often need extra meal while preparing for examinations. Because they often lack time for cooking, the application can provide students with several advantages and leave more time for learning. All these benefits increase the chances that this application will be successful and profitable as soon as it gains popularity among students.

Points of Difference

There are four differentiation strategies that allow the application to gain a competitive advantage over similar services. First, the application allows students to view the electronic menu online and choose the dishes right away. Second, the application is available at night time, which is not typical for traditional cafes and restaurants. Third, the service is distinguished by its mobility because it can be accessed via mobile phone. It means that the clients do not need to call the operator and access the services via the Internet. Finally, the service ensures that all food delivered is healthy because the main scope of the marketing strategy is confined to delivering healthy food promptly. All these strategies contribute to the higher competitiveness of the marketing program, as well as to the product differentiation.


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The main purpose of the marketing strategy is delivering healthy food to college students during the night hours. Therefore, the positioning strategy will be confined to the following logo: Healthy, Fast, and Just in Time. This statement has several underpinnings. To begin with, it is possible to create and develop a number of brands that could be available with this application only. Students should associate the application with the delivery of high quality, customized food. Second, creating a well-recognized interface for the website through the service is also necessary to enhance brand loyalty. Finally, the food delivery system should ensure fast services for college students. At this point, it is vital to create restaurant networks near campuses to make sure that the order is delivered in a timely manner. This service can also be enhanced through development of multiple money transfer systems.

Marketing Program

Product Strategy

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At the moment, there is no analog to the proposed application because this program allows students to search for restaurants and cafes that can deliver food during the night hours. Additionally, the application is developed in cooperation with specialized food networks that can deliver fresh products promptly. Such an opportunity is unique and provides a strong competitive advantage. Although there are many alternatives to this service, such as Mcdonald's networks that work 24/7, they do not provide healthy and fresh food. Second, the application also offers professional carriers who deliver food in eco-friendly packages, which increases the quality of the products and contributes to the food network's reputation. Third, the application is distinguished by its functionality and can be available online for free during the first year. Therefore, the first users of this program can use its services without any fees imposed on them. The final advantage of the product is the opportunity for students to invent their own recipes and order customized food. The mixture of ingredients is immediately received by the food center that starts processing the order. Hence, students can order their favorites any time they want.

Price Strategy

Pricing strategy implies that the application can be acquired for free during the first years of its launching. In the next year of the program use, there is a charge of $ 0.99 for new users. To attract more consumers, it is possible to develop a beneficial discount program that will premise on the number of ingredients that the dish is made of. The more products are used while preparing the food, the greater discount a student receives.

Promotion Strategy

To attract a wider range of customers, it is possible to develop the option of adding students' recipes to the shopping list and encourage them to introduce new items. As soon as the item has been added, the application can allow other users to vote for these products. In case the product added to the list gains the majority of votes, the students can receive certain benefits, such as bonus schemes or discounts.

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All the recipes are constantly updated so that students could see a great number of ingredients and develop their own authentic dishes. It is also possible to add the function of an online forum, where students can share their recommendations, suggestions, and impressions about the available recipes, or ingredients. Moreover, users can also rate the recipes to define which ones are the most popular and which ones are the least ordered. In such a way, it is possible to narrow down the list of the products that are in higher demand among clients.

Place (Distribution) Strategy

The type of distribution channel chosen for this marketing program is direct distribution because the service implies the delivery of retail products to individuals. The retail outlets should be located near educational establishments to make sure that the order is processed and delivered with the maximum level of efficiency. It is also possible to negotiate with neighboring food networks and offer them to cooperate with the application providers. As result, the proposed program can create a win-win situation both for the application developers and food networks who can advertise their recipes online.

The application developers should evaluate the availability of suppliers that can provide the networks with fresh products and perishable products, such as vegetables, fruits, dairy, and meat. This is the case when suppliers location is of paramount importance. Finally, addressing students' preferences is also necessary to define which products and recipes are the most popular ones. According to the forum comments, it is possible to identify which establishments are in higher demand by the application services.

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