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The primary aim of this report is to discuss the obtained results of the interview which focused on gaining a real understanding of the challenges faced by todays managers. The company chosen for the interview was the Beer Company. According to the results, it is evident that going global for the Beer Company can bring more benefits rather than negative aspects. Beer is a product that can be sold globally, hence the global extension brings the opportunities to increase the consumer rate. Following this, there is the opportunity to sell the products and services to the foreign customers to gain profit. Conversely, the main detrimental aspects are high competition and additional expenses. Concurrently, this paper provides possible approaches for the implementation of the most effective ways to increase the profit for the company.

Key words: company, interview, global, benefits.

Managing in a Diverse and Changing World

1. Interview Results

The interviewee of the research was the business owner of the beer company. Considering the results of the interview of the chosen entrepreneur, it is evident that according to the first issue of going global there are many advantages and disadvantages for the company. Specifically, opportunities and problems of going global, the organizational culture, and values of the company, the use of Information Technology to improve business performance inside the company, and team collaboration in the company.

Going global can bring the corporation many positive outcomes such as attraction of new consumers. According to the results of the interview, it is tangible that going global is beneficial for Beer Company through the reduction of labor costs, taxes, and other expenses. However, the main risk of such process is high competition. It is of paramount importance for the company to increase expenses on promotion, and advertisements. Nonetheless, there may be a negative impact of going global ? cross-cultural communication, where company may face such problems as dissimilarities in languages, mentality, and economic and political system of the country (Delane, 2010).

According to the organizational culture and values of this company, one may observe that such approaches as employees motivation, team work, and customer orientation are essential for the company. Moreover, the company has its own organizational culture, in particular, free dress code policy and no hierarchy among employees.

Information Technology is a significant part of management in the company. is the corporation has IT department which promotes implementation of necessary actions of Information technologies use.

The obtained data testifies that the team involvement is an extremely vital part of effective management inside the company because every participant can bring new knowledge or approaches in the companys development (Miller, 2010). Personnel motivation is vital for the companys management. In the Beer Company, it is possible to study foreign languages for free, attend trainings, and many more. In addition, a social insurance package brings its employees the feeling of stability and safety. However, there are some issues that need to be changed such as high staff turnover rate, which is a detrimental problem of every large company. Therefore, going global is necessary to develop marketing and IT departments (How to take your company global, n.d.).

As Beer Company is a large enterprise with qualified staff, team collaboration is a significant part of management. Each person in the company has many useful ideas and it is more productive to work together, as every employee has their own specialty and can add something valuable. As in the company there is no hierarchy, every member of the team feels his or her importance and involvement. In addition, there is no pressure from the team leaders.

2. Lessons Learned

The fact is that globalization process is an inevitable part of the development, and it has an extremely huge impact on the modern business. Today, each company can expand their influence across the entire world. Beer is a product that can be sold globally, thus global extension brings the opportunities to increase the consumer rate. Following this, there is the opportunity to sell the products and services to the foreign customers to get more profit. With the growing development of technological process, new technologies have inevitable become an important part of running businesses. Modern companies equip their offices with computers which have software and various programs that can facilitate improvement of business performance inside the company. In addition, Internet access boosts all kinds of communication. For example, companies which involve in creative industries sometimes require using Mac OS X because of specific applications. Using the Maslows hierarchy of needs, it is possible to classify the needs of the staff. First and foremost, these are the physiological and safety needs; they include stability and employment, and decent salary. Henceforth, it is vital to feel love and belonging, and team collaboration is a significant part of motivation. Connectively, esteem is worth mentioning, where every person wants to feel that he or she is respected by others, as well as self-confidence and self-esteem. Today, more and more managers understand that right motivation of the personnel can have an impressive effect on work. The productivity of work depends on the emotional sense of the employees. Those satisfied with their work are afraid of losing their job position, thus they work as best as possible. It is also necessary to pay attention not only to money motivation but also safety and stability, teamwork, creation, realization of the potential, education and healthy relaxation.

3. Managerial Implications

In conclusion, the main purposes for managers while going global are: the examination of the market, research of the potential benefits or crises, competitive realities, creation of the team that is good enough to solve any type of problems, development of the vision for changing the efforts and strategies to reach that vision; creation of the new vision and strategies communication; consolidation of profits and introduction of changes of the system in developing people who can carry out the vision, implementation of new approaches in the creation of cultural-best performances through the client. The results show that according to the first issue of going global, it is possible to see that there are many advantages and disadvantages. For the Beer Company, going global can bring more possibilities such as attraction of the new consumers.

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