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Kolb explicates that learning basically entails the acquisition of abstract ideas that can be flexibly applied in an array of situations to provide solutions to various problems. In his arguments, he explains that different experiences play a major role in the development of concepts in persons. Coghlan (2008) affirms that Kolbs learning cycle, therefore, mainly focuses on various events and the impact that they have on the skills development of individuals. In outlining the learning cycle I shall consider an event in the Czars Investment Firm. In order to achieve success in its operations the firm must always indulge in proper decision making that will ensure that they favorably compete in the market besides making viable decisions. In the recent past the firm undertook an investment decision that led to huge loses. Owing to lack of inclusive consultations the operational manager invested funds in a project that did not reflect the demands and tastes of the target market. Additionally, the investment plan involved huge funds that resulted into financial constraints to the firm. Contrary to this, the manager could have incorporated all concerned parties to ensure that only viable projects are considered. In order to avoid cases of financial problems to the company, the financial requirements that were involved should have been considered as well. Similarly, the investment did not meet the threshold of the technological advancement in the market as it employed outdated machineries. The consequence of the poor decision was devastating as it resulted in massive financial loss and financial constraints to the company. The project did not attract customers hence it could not meet the objectives of the firm. It is disappointing as I supported the plan initially since the conception of the idea looked viable. From the realized consequences, the firm should at all time consider current technologies while taking their investment decisions. In addition, all the decisions of the organization should not be made in isolation of other concerned parties. All the firms ideas should be evaluated before being adopted to ensure that similar investment problems will not occur in future.

Scheins observation outlines the logical procedures can be applied in resulting in the solution of a problem in an organization. Marshall (1999) opines that Schein further elucidates the challenges that can be experienced in each step and therefore calls for high standards of commitment in every step. We are going to consider an instance of employees strike in our investment firm. Employees in the firm were dissatisfied with various policies and decisions that were taken by the management. The results were that the employees remained adamant to changes that were being introduced in the organization. They complained about lack of involvement in the decision making process. Moreover, their rights were infringed. Poor governance was also an issue as they manifested lack of trust in their leaders. The results were that the employees boycotted their activities and thus the firms operations were paralyzed. This also interfered with the firms public image as the claims met various reactions in the market. The termination of the firms operations resulted in great financial loses to the firm. To put an end to this demonstration, the employees had to be incorporated in the decision making process so that to consider their views. Employees rights should be governed in every organization hence the claims of their rights being infringed were also to be investigated and those involved were to be brought on board. Though the employees were right to seek involvement in the management process, they undertook a wrong strategy that led to the operations of the firm being compromised. On the contrary, better strategies could have been adopted like through requesting for talks with the management that could not jeopardize the operations of the firm. The demonstration triggered various thoughts within and outside the firm. It displayed the management as incompetent due to the inability to solve the internal problems. In order to put an end to this unrest situations in the firm, I advocated for the employees to be included in the policy formulation so that to feel appreciated. Besides, in order to prove that a solution was realized the outcomes were evaluated. I ensured this through interviewing the employees to gather their views on the actions adopted. This can also be achieved through use of questionnaires in which the employees will freely air their views. Remaining silent is not an intervention to the problem as situations will remain unchanged.

According to Marshall & Reason (2007), Scheins journalizing technique proves to be more effective and appropriate in provision of solution to various organizational problems as compared to the Kolbs experimental learning cycle. The technique provides a more detailed logical process that can easily be followed. Unlike the Kolbs technique, this also illustrates the pitfalls that every step is associated with hence prevents ineffectiveness. For example, in problem formulation, the technique acknowledges that some problems are likely to be omitted hence demand for thorough problem identification. Kolbs technique basically relies on concepts gained from past experiences which may in some cases be misleading in problem solving. In addition, various events may call for different approaches that may also vary from persons making the process conflicting in certain circumstances. However, the Scheins technique outlines a common procedure to be adopted in various circumstances that makes it more appropriate. These definite steps make it to be universally common. The above elucidation therefore makes Scheins technique to be more convenient as compared to Kolbs experimental learning cycle.

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