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Health Information Systems

Technological advancement has helped improve information management in the health sector. Apart from information management, technological advancement has enhanced patient follow-up. It is now possible to observe how patients' health is progressing even when they are far away from health centers.

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Some of the most popular technological advancements integrated into the health sector are Telehealth, computer-assisted coding, and speech recognition among others. The purpose of this paper is to look into these three technologies and their impact on health care information management.


Telehealth means the application of electronic information, as well as technologies and telecommunications, to assist long-distance health care in clinics, patient- and professionally-related education, administration, and public health. Technologies include the Internet, videoconferencing, store and forward imaging, and terrestrial and communicating wireless streaming media. Telehealth can be said to be the extension of telemedicine aspects.

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Telepharmacy deals with the delivery of pharmaceutical care through telecommunicating patients in places where they fail to have access to a pharmacist. This is a wide phenomenon of telemedicine and the way it is implemented in the world of pharmacy. Telepharmacy has many aspects like monitoring therapy, as well as counseling patients before the authorization of a drug prescription. This also happens before the formulary monitoring of the compliance with the formula of the given drug.

Telepharmacy systems comprise automated medications through labeling systems and packaging. They can be delivered via pharmaceutical retail stores or in nursing homes and hospitals. Telepharmacy is efficient in ensuring the excellent delivery of these services. This term also stands for video conferencing of pharmacy services. Such services include education, management, and training to the staff of pharmacists.

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One of the subfields of Telehealth is Telehomecare (THC). The purpose of Telehomecare is the provision of health services to patients in their homes using telecommunication technology. This service makes use of voice and video interaction, as well as health-related data. The care management is processed by an independent health professional from an external point. This is also accompanied by monitoring distant patients since it incorporates a range of health care delivery services.

Telehomecare does not just strictly deal with patients monitoring. Also, it addresses other services such as delivering healthcare via education, social support, emotional support, dissemination of information, and suggestions concerning personal healthcare. Patients who have chronic diseases are better managed through the implementation of THC (Chausiaux et al., 2011). Chronic diseases are heart attack or general heart diseases, diabetes, CORD, and so on.

Patients with chronic diseases and the elderly have to attend health care centers quite often. Additionally, THC helps in creating networks of services between major hospitals and other primary care-providing institutions, thus allowing many patients to get better access to these services. In addition to improving the management of chronic conditions and increasing access to healthcare, THC is believed to reduce the costs of healthcare.


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Telepathology means dealing with pathology from a distance. It uses telecommunication technology to facilitate the transferring of the image information to diagnose, research, and education. The process of telepathology requires that pathologists select video images to analyze and render diagnoses. With the use of telepathology, pathologists do not need to have virtual or physical hands-on involvement in selecting the microscopic fields of view to analyze and diagnose.

Computer-Assisted Coding (CAC)

Using the technology of computer-assisted coding (CAC) is becoming common in health care. Two major approaches in CAC software are the structured input (SI) and natural language processing (NLP). The NLP software generates CPT and ICD codes of billing by scanning any text electronic. Documents are usually created in different program software. Phrases, words, and sentences can be analyzed using the software, and then the rules that are underlying it leads to the production or generation of codes. SI software operates quite differently from NLP. SI software creates the text document and produces the ICD and CPT codes. The users choose items from given menus, and the choice creates a phrase text.

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By picking many items from many menus, the users create the document (Pierratos, 2011). The work is done by HIM coders changes from producing codes to the validation of previously produced codes. These changes allow coders to spend less time doing a review of each record. Thus, they become even more efficient in working.

Speech Recognition

The recognition may take place in the server so that productivity is increased in the practitioner's work. It is used by a dictator with the sole reason of eliminating any delay, as well as the transcription expense. This practice is aimed at increasing the professionalism of HIM coders and knowledge of how the principle works. This also includes acquiring the knowledge of how these driving forces shape the present and future technology application. It also helps to identify the risks and the benefits to be assumed (Wu & Chan, 2012).

The CDI, as well as the Coding program, has enabled the training of service providers at every health center and integrated data elements, which are critical to limit denials. Consequently, this has enhanced the timely provision of clinic services.

In conclusion, it is clear from the discussion above that all three technologies have helped a lot in improving health information management. Medical practitioners are now able to keep proper records and follow patient performance easily. It is also clear that the technologies have improved the efficiency in the health information management sector. There is still a lot to be improved in the technologies that most health centers use but so far; it is commendably good.

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