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Subject: Data Base

Dear Sir/Madame,

I am writing this email to your office to give you information on the updated statistics of our company. The company values all our stakeholders. It is the companys policy to put employees satisfaction primary to anything else. They are considered as the pillars of success for this company. Hence, it is essential to provide American Intellectual Union (AIU) with the updated data about our organization. We ensure fairness and equity amongst our workforce.

Whenever there is a need for recruitment, the post is advertised in all the available media. Such exercises are based on merit. There is no form of bias based on factors such as gender. We are committed to doing our best to ensure that all employees are satisfied with us. The most important variables contained in this report are gender, age, time allocation, and designation. They can help in providing detailed data which can bring a clear picture of the organization and its structure as far as the employee satisfaction is concerned.

Our management prioritizes fair distribution of employees. We are concerned about the diversities in the contemporary society. We prefer to incorporate the participation of everyone without any discrimination (Lincoln, 2006). There is an even distribution of workers in line with the government and labor policies. Although the organization is subdivided into different departments, there is an encouraging distribution of male and female personnel. In fact, a third of the workforce is made up of females.

The statistics provided was conducted by including male employees and their female counterparts. Since there is varying number of employees in each department, sample population was selected to act as a representative for the entire department. A careful identification of a sample enabled the data to be satisfactory and correct. It gives a true reflection of the actual situation in the organization.

The other important feature of this data is the age distribution. Since we are an established organization, we have a pool of youthful and ageing employees. While carrying out a research, it is essential to give each of them a fair treatment. They should be allowed to participate and form an integral part of this statistics. After ascertaining the total number of employees, it is crucial to segment them into age groups. This is the simplest way through which the data can incorporate all the workers of all ages.

The data reports that the probability of satisfaction of 5.3. That of females is 5.2, while that of males is 5.5. Concerning age factor, the data reports that the probability of selecting satisfied employee between the ages of 16 to 21 years is 5.1. At the same time, the probability of a female being drawn from the Human Resource Management is 5.3. In our organization, we have implemented an affirmative action which advocates for a female majority in the HRM department. If translated in such a research, the probability for identifying them will be slightly higher than that of their male counterparts. This is quite informative and can tell you that the process of selection used in this research is guided by fairness.

Since there is fairness in the representation of participants, the primary step is to ensure that the chances for each employee to participate in the research are higher. Collecting samples in the right manner can help to provide the researcher with adequate information which can be used in identifying participants. As a result, it will be possible for the management to determine the level of employee satisfaction within the organization. This is a matter concerning all of them (Merkle, 2004).

Therefore, they must be actively involved in, because their participation can be of a great benefit to AIU. It can be used to understand how the organization treats its workers. The data provided is exhaustive and contains all the probabilities. There are specifications in the overall probability of employees getting satisfied as part of the organization. Moreover, it contains detailed analysis on the probability of female, male, young and ageing workers.

I feel that we should be providing you with the detailed data that is fully synthesized and will enable you to conduct an authoritative research, which can give a real depiction of our organization. The information provided by your organization is relied upon by very many people. It is considered accurate and can enable them to make generalizations about us. However, it can be so destructive if it damages our reputation (Cohen, 2008).

Our employees are drawn from a pool of highly qualified professionals who are knowledgeable about their roles and responsibilities. Besides, they are recruited on merit to ensure that we get the best minds in the market. From the above statistics, you can observe that they are all proud of associating with us. The high degree of their satisfaction is solely attributed to the motivations we give them.

It is my belief that this data will be a resourceful tool for you. Just use it well and you will be assured of accomplishing your objectives. It is invaluable to a leading and reputable researcher like you. Should you have any query regarding any of the facts provided, do not hesitate. Feel free to contact my office, because we will always be there to serve you.

Yours Faithfully,

M.M. Tommy,

HRM Department

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