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According to Margret Meads, war is an intervention but in real sense, law is not really an intervention (Mead 76). Although one can see her reason, it is quite difficult to agree with it. This paper creates an analytical question of who is to argue that war, can be analyzed by undocumented and untruths ways of life?

1. Is war a biological necessity?

A. what does it mean that war is a biological necessity? What makes it necessary and what are the examples given by Margret Mead?

B. what makes war inevitable for those who believe it is a sociological inevitability.

I. Summation of the compromise position to which the author refers to:

a. Examples in groups of the four possibilities the author believes in

b. Evidences in terms of interventions

2. The case for warfare

A. type of personality necessary for warfare.

B. examples showing Eskimos have warfare personality.

3. The possibilities approved and disapproved by the Eskimos.

The paper focuses on the tragic events of September 2001. The author gives hope of a future with no tragic memories of technological and economic optimism that ended on that day. The resentment focuses on new order of world economy progression that should bring progression and prosperity. Political dominance was in focus on dominant politicians who collaborated with corporate offices and investors who have a main focus on economic prosperity. The unity and bond between these corporates was founded on the labor oppression of individuals, leading to the threat of the ecosystem and supposedly life prosperity. The developed country had taken Gods role of accepting global warming. It sacrificed to the farmers, forest conservatives, and the ecosystem community. Proper scrutiny and in depth analysis of the paper reveals the authors intension of relating the 9/11 events to religion. It is with great support and argument that for those who view Christianity as their religious affiliation come to a disagreement of the authors ideas (Wendell 80). It is worth to think of Christ in such times of hurting and suffering, caused by people who hate, threaten and despise. Its hard to understand how peace and Christ can mend such feud, caused by cruelty and animosity. Even though we are supposed to incorporate the ideas of forgiveness and equal love for every one, it might not be he case for individuals who do not correspond to Christs ideas. The paper helps readers to understand the aftermaths and true unfoldings of the September 11 attack. We get reminded of the fact that terrorism is the equivalent to fear. It is this fear that lays down the foundations of the range responses from vengeful to strategic, from unthinking to thoughtful and from personal to political. All these are characterized with the American current state of affairs in decision-making and action (Wendell 82).

The consequences of the choices that result from this however are still staggering in their effects for the course of world actions from that point henceforth and the quality of our everyday lives. It is important for United States citizens to identify their mistakes after the September 11 attacks, and focus on laboring for their self-correction as well as self-criticism. The supreme principle of economic and technological jubilation of recent periods has always been dependent on innovations. This means that there is a great need and necessity for the growing economy to move from one innovation to another, in order to make everything better. All things that supersede our innovations are discounted on the bases of they lack value at all. People did not anticipate that days happenings (Wendell 86). No one had the anticipation that the American innovations would be prevailed by greater ones. It is hard to understand how transport systems and global networks systems would lead to such devastations. The government did not foresee the possibility of the enemy to bring war to their background. Technology can be termed as a good innovation, but what is important to know is that it can cause evil and good as well. America considered the fact that the same technology could destroy their nation and there is a possibility that in future the government will ensure itself to avert such situation. It doesnt allow off-guard attacks, by considering the fact that even as superpower, in terms of economy and other corporations, they are not invincible. Creating a decentralize economy can be an option to ensure that each country in the world has met its local and international needs, to ensure self-sufficient and lifelong support. After the attack, it has become evident that nations are prone to terrorist attacks, and also the risk of not attaining the ability to self-question and self-criticize (Wendell 88).

We are now left with the question - why the changeover of rhetoric for thought is always a temptation in the event of national crisis and in most cases should be resisted by citizens and government officials. The issue at hand now is the problem facing promotion of national security, unity and realization and normality (Wendell 90). In realization of the event its important to note that what has been left is to teach our children and community at large the art of conservation and not consuming to the exhaustion of resources. War is inevitable for a country with an economy running on exhaustion of resources.

In conclusion, for peace to prevail, it is important to have socially politically and culturally responsible citizens .

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