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Critical Thinking

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Critical thinking entails philosophical reasoning about action and beliefs. It determines whether a particular argument is true or false. Base on three warrants increases in obesity thus risks of heart diseases, the low productivity rate in business involving unhappy employees, and the government expenditure in public health and issuing of health insurances. The government should impose taxes on soda and soft drinks to ensure that the rising cases of obesity among workers and children drop. This is mainly because of the survey study conducted by the field poll in California, it was noted that a high percentage of voters supported the imposing of taxes on soft drinks only if the collected money was dedicated to programs that would improve nutrition and physical activities in schools. The number that supported this idea also approved the issue of asking the government to improve the community health, using giving money for amending playground athletics fields and facilities. However, the population opted for creating more farmers markets for the selling of fresh products in neighborhoods with low income. It is believed that drinking soft drinks like soda can lead to obesity. Although not all soft drinks are associated with this kind of problem since energy drinks such as red bull are said to not contain too much sugar. Therefore, the government should impose taxes on soft drinks since many of the health-related issues are reported to be associated with too much sugar intake. It is said that women have a higher rate of hip implant failure compared to men. Thus, the imposition of taxes on soft drinks by the government would ensure that these related issues are taken under the consideration (Paul & Elder, 2006).

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It is reported that half of the population in the commonwealth nations is obese. This is according to the data of the Massachusetts public health commissioner Dr. Smith. Moreover, a third of the children population is obese as well. The act of adjusting the prices of commodities that are associated with this problem is considered sensible. The government will definitely cut its spending on the health sector when these new bills of imposing a tax on soda and candies would go to the prevention and well trust fund. Furthermore, the move of imposing these taxes is aimed to help poor families that cannot afford to buy healthier foods because of their health insurance. The big question in mind arises if the imposition of these taxes leads to better health for the children? According to Lisa Powell, a public health professor at the University of Illinois in Chicago regards that a small tax will have a small impact while a larger tax will have a greater impact. The taxes should aim at targeting all groups of people at the same time. It is for a reason that the taxes will give a substitution of soft drinks to fresh fruit juices. Sugar leads to the spread of heart diseases such as stroke or heart failure. A great number of people support the idea by the government to impose taxes are employees. Thus, healthy workers are happy, moreover, work harder since they do not incur costs in getting health insurance. From a wider point of view, businesses are better if the taxes on soft drinks and candies are imposed since the workers are healthy. However, from another point of view, the government should not choose what people should or should not drink. People should have a certain amount of rights to choose what he/she wants, thus the motion of the government to impose taxes is limiting this discretion. Moreover, giving people public education would be more important than just imposing taxes.

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Based on the principles of critical thinking, which can be ranked to the gathering of complete information, which should be done thoroughly to ensure you have all the facts on a particular issue under scrutiny. What are the effects of taxes imposition on the government, the consequences and implications of this? The understanding and definition of the terms used and the questioning of the methods used to get the facts before questioning the conclusion. Since the warrants were found to be conflicting the best way to identify a common solution is through prioritizing the claims. Stronger claims should be given stronger support which in this case the idea of the government imposing taxes for the benefit of the obese in the community as opposed to the claims of those against it basically because they feel that people should be given the freedom to decide what they want. The presented claims have been backed by evidence and all variable have been considered according to the principles of critical thinking (Vincent, 2005).

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What makes an argument be termed Rogerian? If in the argument, for instance, the above case where there are conflicting views if the government should impose taxes on soft drinks or not, a common ground should be established. Further, the conclusion is the government imposing taxes on soft drinks will help cut down its spending on the health insurance sector while at the same time help reduce the chances of people getting obese which leads to stroke. Most of us do not like changes being imposed on us without our consent, thus are more likely to feel challenged by ideas that change what we believe in. That's why even if our brains tell us to agree with what we hear or are told our egos won't let to do so. It is for a reason that the conflict exists between those opposing the imposition of the taxes and those who are in support. Since this conflict is unavoidable or inevitable, we need to come up with creative ways to solve problems of opposing sides and negotiate around them. Through Carl Rodgers's ideas of the Rogerian problem-solving approach using conceptualizing our goals when we argue, thus reaching a common ground between both parties (Vincent, 2005).

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