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Macro System Paper

Describe the concept of personal, interpersonal, and political empowerment

Almost all definitions of empowerment include the concept of the right to choice, freedom, representation, separateness, participation, independence, and capacity resources. Therefore, a consensus on the concept of empowerment can be built on its understanding of increasing the quality of life, strengthening the foundations of human well-being. In summary, empowerment appears to be a framework for the implementation of deep and large-scale social change.

The procedure of social change can be studied at the individual and structural levels. On the one hand, changes in society are considered as the result of the development of the individual with education, coaching, access to resources, etc. This point of view means that structural changes are the automatic result of individual changes. Unfortunately, in practice, this rarely happens, because even people who use these resources themselves in conditions involving the participation in the oppressive structures of society. On the other hand, a person is considered solely as a society product, and the changes are considered impossible until the first change at social structures, which mainly close to the power of the political area. However, too often in this approach advocated the idea about the fact that the end justifies the means, which leads to situations with oppression and injustice.

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Strengthening the ability of individuals and communities of people to create a more equitable society requires such structures as the concept of social development, which would avoid these extremes. Personal and structural changes are closely related because the inner world of the individual forms its social environment; this environment has a profound impact on the mental and psychological health of that person. Using the image of the state corporation, which represents all the humanity as a separate social organism, can use empowerment as a means to transform society and individuals (Donaldson, 2010).

Explain an individual's involvement in multiple social systems - micro, mezzo, and macro - at work in the environment.

To describe the social process, as well considered Veber and Knorren, you should always seek their justification from individualistic positions. James Coleman has already pointed out that the explanation of phenomena at the macro level, the analyst must inevitably follow the path of micro-economic and micro-social theory.2. It offers a well-known methodological model that consists of three parts:

the logic of the situation establishes a link between the actor and the situation, thereby linking the macro-level appropriate social situation of the individual micro-level;

the logic of choice describes the connection of several micro-level (in the Meso level), through which we seek the relationship between the properties of the individual and the choice of possible alternatives of action. This stage is quite a general theory of action with its notions about the current person as an economic man;

logic aggregation returns to the connection between the micro and macro levels. Only by transforming, a set of individual actions is achieved with the collective consequences, a specific characteristic which is that they cannot comply with the intent, and create a qualitatively different situation on the macro level.

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Discuss the macro system response to child maltreatment, sexual abuse, crime, and delinquency.

The twentieth century will be remembered as a century marked by violence. It left a legacy of mass destruction and violence, which manifested itself on a scale never before seen and impossible for all time in human history. However, this legacy is the result of the technology of ideologies of hate. It is less visible but much more common in the lives of the suffering. They endure it every day: it is the suffering of children who are abused and those who would take care of them. It is women who are mutilated by their partners; or old people who are abused by their caregivers. Young people who tolerate bullying by peers; and people of all ages who are perpetrating violence on themselves. The suffering reproduces itself as new generations learn from the violence of the victims receive lessons from victimizers, and the social conditions that nurture violence persist in our world. No country, no city, no quarter, which would be protected from violence.

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Violence thrives in the absence of democracy, respect for human rights, and fair management. This conclusion can be arrived at if the person talks about how the culture of violence can take root. It is also true that the model of violence is more pervasive and widespread in countries where the authorities endorse violence through their own actions. In many societies, violence is the dominant force that leaves no hope for their economic and social development.

Compare and contrast the application of functionalism and interactionist theory to poverty.

Robert Merton points out that institutions and other parts of society cannot only contribute to the maintenance of the social system but also cause negative effects. These observed effects that reduce the adaptation of the system or device are called dysfunctional. Take, for example, poverty. Functionally, the presence of the poor in society ensures that dirty work: dirty, dangerous, temporary, dead-end, low paying, and menial. The presence of poverty also creates jobs for the people who serve the poor or protect them from the rest of the population - the police, social workers, religious organizations, condominiums and speculators, drug dealers. Obviously, a large number of poor people in a particular period can disrupt the function of society. Poverty exacerbates many social problems, including problems related to health, education, crime, and drug addiction. Victims of poverty often feel their alienation from society and, consequently, are denied their loyalty to the system.

One can cite the example of the old theory of interactionism, according to which she relied on the goodness of people who were in the best of circumstances, shows to the poor, who are always among us. This theory contrasts with the concept of functionalism, whose purpose is not a manifestation of personal virtue, but such a change in the conditions of life of both individuals and the society within which individuals act to poverty, which requires charity, disappeared altogether (Austin, 2006).

Describe the role and responsibility of the human service worker in the macro environment

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Three actors play a crucial role: individual, social institutions, and common people. In this regard, it can be argued that empowerment involves assistance to individuals in a creative and strict implementation of its creative potential. It promotes institutions in the exercise of their powers in such a way that it has led to common progress and development. It also helps communities to create conditions in which will be the enrichment of culture, and the ability of individuals will focus on the common affairs.

Capacity building of these subjects will need a review of assumptions at the nature of the human person. Particularly noteworthy is the concept of we and them. Often, the development debate is based, for example, on the notion that endowed with more rights and opportunities members of the public to help disadvantaged and marginalized. The desire to eliminate social inequality is certainly a noble thought, but the distinction between us and them only leads to the conservation and exacerbates existing inequalities. There is a need to think carefully about how to approach the problem of empowerment.

A closely related question is: who has extensive rights and opportunities, and who does not. However, the scope of development should be such that everybody and every group of people have the opportunity to improve their situation. From this perspective, marginalized sections of the population do not seem to be completely powerless, and privileged people are not omnipotent. All of them have the potential development and responsibility for ensuring the general welfare.

Finally, although empowerment means that anyone or anything given authority in the United Nations, the power's social dynamics often seem to be ignored. The fact that the question of power dynamics proved to be difficult, suggests a need to develop new alternative approaches.

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