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This coursework provides a description and analysis of the life stories of three individuals at different developmental stages. Much attention is paid to the most notable events, which have affected their lives, long-term and short-term goals, position in the society, support system, personal strengths and weaknesses, existing challenges, and feelings about self. A detailed study of each life story is provided below.

Results and Discussion

  • Kate Smith

The first participant is a young native American girl of 15 years old. Her name is Kate Smith. She is studying at the high school. She has a mother (35 years old), a father (49 years old), and a brother (13 years old). Kate is not married and has no children. She has rather strained relationships with her parents as they put some limitations on her actions. Kate does not like when her parents give her advice. It is a common behavior of many young people because they want to make their own choices and decide in their lives. Moreover, Kate has abrasive relationships with her brother because the boy usually disturbs his sister when she wants to stay alone; in addition, he tries to disclose her secrets. Several years ago, Kate would play with her brother for hours and share all her feelings with him. The described issues seem to be relevant for Kate, but all of them are connected with some changes in the girl’s behavior associated with moving into adulthood. Kate has no extended family, because both her parents are orphans.

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Kate is a very artistic person. She has taken dance classes for about five years. However, her parents insisted on leaving dancing in order to pay more attention to the education. At the present moment, the girl is interested in painting and art. She visits the School of Art two times a week and dreams to become an apparel designer. Kate’s friends support her in these intentions. At the same time, her parents do not appreciate her hobby and want their daughter to become a lawyer. They wish Kate to have the best future (good job and high salary); however, they do not notice the natural endowment of their child. This situation can lead the family to a real disaster, because one day, Kate may face a dilemma whether to bring her dreams to life and become an apparel designer or to meet the expectations of her parents and become a lawyer.

Kate does not get the highest grades at school, especially on mathematics and grammar. she is not the cutest, most athletic, and popular girl in her school. At the same time, she is a rather communicative, active, and positive person. Kate is an extrovert; therefore, she has numerous friends, with whom she has a lot of fun. The most significant event in the girl’s life was her 15th birthday, which took place two months ago in the pizzeria nearby her house. All her friends and relatives were there, and Kate received numerous presents. The most notable present was a trip to Europe presented by her parents. Kate’s life seems to be calm and quiet because she has no considerable stress or problems. The only challenge in her life is choosing the future career. Most of Kate’s problems described above are associated with her adolescence as she wants to become independent while her parents intend to patronize her. Kate wants to have some free space and secrets while her brother wishes to take an active part in her everyday life. Kate does not recognize that her nearest and dearest people want to make her life easier, happier, and more exciting. Probably, this non-recognition is caused by the adolescent egocentrism.

  • Amanda Simons

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The second participant in the study is Amanda Simons. She is a 32 years old Italian businesswoman. She provides logistic services for clients who want to buy some goods in China and transport them to the USA. Amanda has graduated from SUNY Maritime College in New York. After graduation, she had worked in a private logistic company for five years with the annual salary of $29,000. In few years, Amanda decided to try herself as the stevedore in the New York Container Terminal. She intended to study the cargo-handling processes, take an active part in loading and discharging, issue cargo documents, and cooperate with ship and cargo owners. At that position, she earned $40,000 annually. This job was too difficult for Amanda, and she decided to quit it after three years of work. On this position, she earned a valuable experience that would help her in the further professional growth in the transportation industry. Amanda’s friends supported her in this decision and helped open a private logistic company. It is considered to be the most notable event in her life. At the present moment, she is totally satisfied because her income is $52.000 annually, and she has the ability to develop her business. Amanda concludes different contracts with container lines, closely cooperates with the Chinese suppliers and American buyers, manages on-land transportation by finding trucks and controlling customs clearance, for example. She is responsible for the whole transportation process from the place of departure to the place of delivery.


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Her short-term goal is to win a contract with one of the biggest container lines in the world, Maersk Line, in the next month. Amanda’s long-term goal is to develop trade and logistic relationships with the Indian suppliers. Her work approach is providing her clients with the best possible service in transportation and customs clearance in the shortest time. This working approach has formed during her educational process. Amanda was not interested in obtaining knowledge during her studies at school. The situation changed when she entered college where she realized that the future working position and salary depends on her knowledge and skills earned during the education. Hence, Amanda improved her professional abilities during probations at different logistic companies. Currently, Amanda is likely to face some challenges on her working path, which are caused by the lack of support from her business partners, who consider Amanda too young for this industry.

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Even though Amanda has a successful career, she is an unhappy woman. Her personal life was submerged by professional responsibilities. Hence, she cannot find a boyfriend, with whom she can be happy. Amanda has some problems with combining her personal life and career. This woman has overcome numerous professional issues and changed herself and her working approach in order to become successful. However, these achievements suppress her womanhood, tenderness, and softness, which form a background of successful relationships with men. Amanda should pay more attention to her appearance and spend more time with her friends.

  • Jack White

The third participant in the study is Jack White. He is a 27-year-old Brazilian salesman in a bookstore. Jack was imprisoned at the age of 17 for the bank robbery. The imprisonment had lasted for five years. Jack committed this crime because he wanted to become rich immediately; however, he had realized his guilt and repented. At the present moment, he earns money for his living with hard work. Moreover, during imprisonment Jack turned to God and converted to Christianity. This event is considered the most notable one in his life. He did not believe in God before. Religion helped Jack to stand against all the challenges and deprivations in the prison, as well as understand that he has made numerous mistakes in the past and served a fair punishment for them. He will never repeat these mistakes in the future. However, now, he still has considerable difficulties with communicating with people, and dating a good girlfriend from a decent family.

Every Sunday, Jack goes to the church where he prays and communicates with the other parishioners. They support Jack (for example, one of them offered him a job). Jack takes an active part in numerous religious meetings and events aimed at collecting money for the poor and homeless. His short-term goal is to collect money and visit Jerusalem in the nearest future. His long-term goal is to consecrate his life to helping people. Jack has never served in the military; however, when he was a child, he wanted to become a Commodore Pilot in the U.S. Air Forces to protect his country from terrorists. His father, of whom Jack is very proud, served as a Commodore Pilot and was awarded the Air Force Distinguished Service Medal for his exceptional meritorious to the American government.

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Jack made some mistakes in the past, which lead him to God and brought sense to his life. At the present moment, the man helps people and intends to proceed with this mission. Jack’s life story is an example of acknowledgment of the personal mistakes.

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Kate Smith is at one of the primary stages of her development; for today, she has no clear vision of her future life. Unlike Amanda and Jack, Kate has no experience in communicating with people and overcoming life difficulties, such as job changing or imprisonment. Unlike Amanda, Kate has not started her career or graduated from college. Moreover, she is still unsure about her future profession. Unlike Amanda, Kate and Jack feel support of their nearest and dearest people. In contrast to Jack and Kate, Amanda already has a successful career. She has a clear vision of her long-term and short-term goals, which are focused on her professional growth. Unlike Jack and Kate, Amanda dedicates all her time to her business but not communicating with people. Amanda and Jack are working and earning their living; therefore, they do not depend on their families. Both Amanda and Jack are at the higher stages of their personal development because they have clear views and goals in their lives, which were formed based on their life experience. Jack is the only religious person, who intends to consecrate his life to serving people. Unlike Kate and Amanda, he made a great mistake in his life but clearly understood it.


The current study describes the life stories of three individuals at different developmental stages. Kate Smith is a young artistic person, who faces some misunderstanding with her parents. Amanda Simons is a successful businesswoman engaged in logistics and transportation, who cannot build long-term relationships with men. Jack White is a former prisoner, who has turned to God and now, intends to consecrate his life to helping people. All these life stories were carefully analyzed and evaluated on the basis of the information obtained during the interviews.

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