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Consumer Purchase Decision


The concept and the essence of sales management is a very miscellaneous and multidimensional issue. It comprises a diversity of determinants and influential factors which significantly impact the final purchasing decision of a person. Having paraphrased the lines of the famous play by William Shakespeare, the question To buy or not to buy? may be presented as one of the most crucial dilemmas the buyers face in the process of shopping and selection of the most suitable items. As a consequence, the managers and promoters face the same question in the course of the development of new market strategies and plans.

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Purchase Decision

The purchase decision depends on different factors and aspects. For example, current feelings and emotions of the customer, light in the shopping area, plans and intentions, as well as spontaneous decisions and search for the perfect item, etc. Therefore, Successful marketing initiates with apprehending the how and why of consumer behavior since consumers are the turning point of all marketing activities (Choubtarash, Mahdieh, & Marnani, 2013).

The sample of my purchase decision will involve the process of buying the jacket. I was determined to buy a new jacket. The main criterion for the selection of the jacket was to match my other new outfits and to suit the overall concept of the official style, that is, to be appropriate for the office. The demand for color appeared to be crucially significant as well, since all the other outfits were of brown color, so the jacket had to match this criterion. Though, there was no demand for the shade of the brown as it could vary from dark chocolate shade to cappuccino tint.

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It is considered that the process of purchase decision-making comprises six stages. They are as follows: stage of need recognition, stage of search information, stage of the product evaluation, stage of product choice and purchase, stage of post-purchase use and evaluation, and finally, stage of disposal of the product (Saylor Org, n.d.). These stages present a generalized theoretical stance from the prevailing quantity of purchase experience. My own experience appeared to be sufficiently similar to the theoretical description.

The list of the major behaviors that I have performed during the purchase situation includes the following elements:

  • Creation of the image of the jacket of my dream
  • Process of visiting all the boutiques I am a customer at
  • Process of visiting several new ones
  • Comparison of results for two days

Trying on the two selected jackets in different boutiques with other new outfits to check if the clothing items match

The immediate decision to buy the first jacket, as it matched the other clothing items and my dream image perfectly in terms of color as well as in terms of style and design solution

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The stage of use and evaluation of the purchased jacket is happening actually in the current course of time. I concluded that I made a successful and right choice as the quality is excellent, the style is exquisite and the jacket is a perfect match for several other outfits I have.

Key environmental factors:

  • Great support and useful pieces of advice about the style and final decision of the shop assistant
  • Pleasant music and quite relaxing atmosphere in the boutique where I made the purchase
  • The great quantity of other exquisite clothing items in the boutique

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According to Amanda Leigh Coley (2002), In decision-making consumers experience a "balance beam" effect between affective (emotional) desires and cognitive (reasoning) willpower, triggered by internal and external stimuli. The relevant affective and cognitive states and processes in the course of purchasing decision situation included:

The affective state involved the excitement and desire to buy the jacket

The cognitive state implied that the price for it was inappropriately high in comparison to my usual purchases of that kind

The final solution to the emerged dilemma was to buy the selected jacket, as the motivation for passing my exams properly and timely. As a consequence, the balance between the cognitive process and the affective state was finally and successfully established.

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The elements of marketing strategy which were present in the purchase situation:

  • The brightness of advertising posters
  • Appealing trendy surrounding
  • Politeness and affection of the shop assistant
  • Discount offerings for brand items

All these four basic aspects (marketing strategy, personal behavior, affection states as well as cognitive ones) finally led me to the purchase decision. They interacted in the process of my decision-making using adding value and attractiveness to the selected clothing item and motivated me to look better, as subsequently having purchased the jacket, I would get the perfect look.

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Thus, the process of purchasing decision-making comprises a diversity of aspects, factors, and determining points, which impact sufficiently on the purchase decision, especially when it is unplanned and impulsive. Therefore, it is often quite hard to predetermine or predict the ramification of the shopping process.

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