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Handling employees professionally affects their productivity and presentation at work positively.

Purpose of the Paper

This paper aims at presenting the possible ways of preparing for a meeting, presenting during a meeting and the dos and don'ts of a meeting. It will handle ways of being effective at one's workplace and tips of the ways to having a good relationship with workmates. The paper will analyze the case study of American Financial Corporation, mistakes done by Betty as the manager and by Don as a subordinate employee.

Overview of the paper

The paper is a case study that handles professionalism, meetings and working relationships between employees. Betty Powell is the human resources manager of American Financial Corporation. She delegates the duty of compiling a report on staffing in the company to her subordinate, Don Adams, before leaving for a Workshop. The deadline set for Don is six weeks. After the workshop, Betty returns to find that Don is not done with the report and it is a day past the deadline. Betty is disappointed and calls Don for a meeting in her office. The meeting does not go well especially because Don has failed to meet deadlines before. Betty treats him harshly and even criticizes his coordination and organization. She calls him untidy and threatens that he will have a short stay in the corporation if he continues not to meet deadlines.

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What did Betty do wrong before the meeting, and what could have been done to avoid missing the deadline?

Betty, as the manager did not organize herself for the meeting. She had forgotten that there was a report due the previous day. She should have kept a diary to remind her important activities which were pending. Before summoning Don to her office, she should have informed him on the purpose, aims and agenda of the meeting. Betty should have sent Don a notice a few days prior, for Don to prepare on the same. It should not have been a surprise meeting. The meeting should have been scheduled and arrangements made for a recorder and presentations by both Don and Betty.

Betty should have kept a diary to remind her of the pending report. She should have assessed the work before delegating it, for her to break it down further if it was necessary to do so (Pagliarini 2009).

What did Betty do wrong in the meeting itself, and what could have been done to make the meeting more effective?

Betty asked Don to come into her office for a meeting when she realized that the report had not been handed in and it was a day past the deadline. It was a mistake for her to summon Don without giving him prior notice. She did wrong by making a presentation without accepting the presentation made by Don. The meeting was unrecorded and in the process, she threatened Don that he would lose his job if he did not become effective (Ron Edmondson, 2010).

Betty dominated the meeting. It was more like she was giving Don a lecture on how poor he is at his work. Don did not have a chance to prepare for the meeting so Betty controlled it. To make the meeting more effective, Betty should have asked Don to prepare the report and to get ready for a meeting with Betty on a specific day and time. Betty should have attended to Dons call while she was away to help him sort out the problem he was having. If Betty had gone through the work before delegating it to Don, she should have known that Don needed some help with collection of the data.

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Betty failed to establish emotional intelligence during the meeting. She let her anger take over when Don started to get defensive. This was wrong. As a professional, she should have made the meeting balanced and professional. Threatening Don was wrong. She should have listened to what Don had to say in the report (Riggio, 2012).

What should Don have done to be more effective?

Don should have communicated earlier if he was not going to meet the deadline so that Betty would have organized for the information to be availed in time. For Don to be more effective, he should keep a diary to remind him of things to be done. Don must also learn the art of communication. He should do it on time to avoid failure. Don should not procrastinate as this could be the major cause of his delays and failure to meet deadlines. Another important point that Don should consider for him to be more effective in keeping all the important documents in hand. This includes reports due for submission like the one Betty expected of him.

Being organized is another aspect of being effective. Don should arrange his paperwork and anything appertaining to his work in an accessible manner. Being neat and organized is an aspect of effectiveness. Being able to multitask is another aspect that brings about effectiveness. Don should plan out his roles and try to multitask for him to achieve what is expected of him.

Taking time to reflect on the plan of the day and the expected roles is a good aspect of being productive at work. Don should take time to reflect on his work each day and to prioritize so that he can plan the activities to attend to first (Forbes, 2013).

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For one to be effective at work, they have to dedicate their time and energy. Meeting deadlines is important for the achievement of goals. Employees should prioritize their work based on the earliest deadline. Meetings should be organized by the person presiding over before summoning the relevant people. A meeting should have a notice to inform members on the agenda, time it starts and when it ends.

Peace should be maintained at the workplace. For an office to have the workers up to the task, the relationship between employees should be professional. Senior employees should delegate duties in good time to junior officers to complete the tasks in time. Personal issues should not be raised in professional forums. Issues to do with neatness or office organization should be addressed with caution to avoid hurting other people's feelings. It is prudent for any employee to notify their seniors on any issue that may arise during a task. Senior officers should take time to listen and address any issues arising from tasks given to junior employees.

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