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To begin with I want to say that each person has his own opinion about the things which happen around. The article Leadership Development in the Age of the Algorithm by Marcus Buckhingham impressed me a lot.

1.Frankly speaking, I never thought about leadership development techniques. Even more, this article made me think about my unique personality, identity. True leaders are able to add individuality into their management, not to use stereotypes. I am absolutely in sympathy with an author. Having the goal and separating its achievement into some steps such methodology always works. The conception of leadership development is interesting.

The thing I liked most about this article is that this conception is personally-oriented. If you want to manage other people successfully, you need to start with yourself. The one has to put part of his soul, be creative and do what he likes, and then like what he does. So people will work with the smile on their faces as the atmosphere on the working places often depends on the chief. However, I suppose that there are some leadership techniques that are adaptable for everybody. Not every leader at the start of his career can manage his staff, but there are some commonly known rules that help to communicate and give right leadings.

From my point of view, the major point of the article is that everything you do should be from your individuality. Only your ideas fulfilled by you will be prosperous and effectively. The author emphasizes this through the whole article. As it was in Ralphs situation he put a part of his soul into his project and gained merited success.

2. Ralphs idea was great. It raises the rating of his shop from the bottom to the top by changing the atmosphere and style. This idea is personal, related to his principles and likes that is why it works and brings excitement to people. It goes without saying that he is a brilliant leader and people around perceive this technique as an innovation, and it caused demand on goods in his store.

Another situation was in Best Buy. Whistle technique was not realized because each idea has its place. The staff and their chief did not understand the thoughts of Ralph Gonzales and the whole concept crashed. People need to be captivated by the ideology, to feel like the actors in the store of Fidel Castro. As far as I am concerned, the people from Best Buy did their job without enthusiasm. Maybe they only needed to gain monthly salary. Many men - many minds, maybe I am wrong.

I suppose that if the idea of color-coded whistles would be put in place, the outcome would be huge. This concept put in the right place, would be something extraordinary. In such place fathers can take sons to see people in the uniform with special whistles, and in the end of their little journey they can buy such whistle. People often pay a lot of money for their entertainment. So, from the commercial point of view this idea is profitable. The only thing the store needs to be aware of is that the sound of whistles can become annoying and loud.

3. The advices were different in color and placed through the whole article. Each advice is related to the type of the leadership development presented by the algorithm of StandOut. They are differentiated by their meanings. According to the type of leadership, one can choose an advice suitable for his personality. The tips are situated between the two columns, which include the main article information. Advices are formatted shortly with minimum of odd information, but with the concentration of useful. I suppose that they are formatted this way to catch attention of a reader to the types of leadership personalities. They are bright and contrast, so they easily come to the view.

4. Speaking about me, I have never been using any techniques of leadership. In each situation I behave myself in accordance to situation, but I stay myself. Our society makes people behave by the patterns and standard. One way of communicating is at the work place, another one - in the circle of friends, in the stores or exhibitions. In my family we have warm relations and I have never thought about any techniques. I believe that my uniqueness is that I am sincere and well-intentioned. I do only things that I really like and try never to betray my wishes and skills.

This article made me think about the techniques to develop my leadership. As a manager I want to use the system of three As: accept, animate, achieve.

Accept is the first and fundamental part of my technique: acceptance of people, their principles, ways of thinking and all things connecting with understanding of humans personality. We all need to be accepted in social life, in private. Acceptance means the leader of the group takes the person to the group and is able to talk and understand person. Leader is a tower of strength in the collective. If the person feels himself comfortable or accepted in group, he works much better and has no worries about the adaptation to chief and collective.

After the acceptance, the person should start to bring profit into the sphere he is working in. Second tactic is to animate. As a manager, you have to show all the benefits of such job, encourage the person to work better for a better result. Something interesting and outstanding in the work that will animate and drive people forward with an enthusiasm. I am sure that only captured and animated people would have pleasure out of their work. If it is interesting for you to work, your work will be interesting for people. Animate is the main tactic in my technique, without it the next one would not work.

The third one is to achieve. After acceptance and animation worker should start to do his best to achieve the result or the promotion of his work. Everything in our life is tightly connected and works as a balanced system. These techniques are not an exception. Without abidance by two first tactics, the tactic of achievement would not work or be profitable enough. Achievement tones up and encourages the person for the next development and shows the client the potential of the company.

My technique is oriented not only on the working staff, but clients too. Accept their demands, animate them with your possibilities and achieve the task in hand. These three rules I want to keep in my work.

5. The word I did not know for sure was idiosyncratic. The definition of the word is related to the idiosyncrasy; peculiar or distinctive.

The behavior of the princess was idiosyncratic, and she looked like the goddess living on the Earth.

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