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Capstone Project

Research Topic

The research topic is the McDonald`s pricing strategies analysis.

Object of the Study

The object of the study is the pricing strategy of the McDonald`s enterprise. The aim of the study is to develop a pricing strategy using the example of McDonald`s Corporation. The study should research the following problems:

  • examine the nature, functions and types of prices in regards to market relations;
  • consider the pricing policy of the company;
  • determine the process of developing a pricing strategy of the enterprise;
  • consider the pricing strategy used by McDonald's, figure out the problems and options, offer guidance.


The paper will employ the following research methods: classification, relevant data collection, and critical evaluation. SWOT and PETS analyses will help to organize the gathered information.

Research Plan

The paper will consist of the following parts:

  1. Background (this part will be devoted to a brief evaluation of McDonald`s history);
  2. McDonald’s pricing strategy (this part will evaluate the business approaches that influence the company`s pricing strategy and provide a critical analysis of the pricing tactics);
  3. McDonald’s competitive advantages (this part will summarize McDonald’s PEST analysis and the company’s position in terms of the existing competitors);
  4. Methods of strategic environmental analysis (this part will provide McDonald’s SWOT analysis);
  5. Conclusion and recommendations;
  6. References.

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