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The Gallerias Fall Festival



Creative Brief: The Gallerias Fall Festival

What are we communicating?

The Gallerias Fall Festival-The primary idea of the 2015 festival is to empower guests in changing their lifestyles for the sake of saving the environment. This will support the local communities in UAE and most preferably the young generation in Abu Dhabi in conserving and improving the natural environment. We also intend to enhance the campaign for healthy living and motivate our guests in following their passion for success as well as following their dreams of having a beautiful country. This will be a platform where people will learn how to support themselves and the communities around them in saving the environment and making UAE a better place. We shall launch a fitness centre as well as an environmental support centre where people can come and get an understanding of the need to save the environment, at the same time experiencing a lifestyle change.


Why are we communicating?

Our main goal for this communication will be to obtain an additional 30 percent audience from last year's activities since we intend to get more guests coming into the mall even after the festival. We intend to make our mall more popular for the sake of the sustainability of the businesses that are operating within. We also intend to retain at least 70 percent of the visitors who will come for the launching of the festival and ensure that they will be coming back on the regular basis.


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Who are we talking to?

Our target market for this communication is the young graduates from UAE, and mostly ladies between the ages 23 and 30. This is because they are the people with a strong focus on lifestyle change, but who are not concerned about the environment around them. They are also the people who are more likely to degrade the natural environment by their activities as they struggle to have better lifestyles. This group of people is in the race for power, financial independence and elegance, and needs assistance to understand how the environment is affected by their activities.

What is their relationship with the category and the product itself?

Our target market has higher chances of getting independent and losing focus due to excitement, and therefore they are the right people to address during this fall festival. Discussion directed towards environmental focus, at this time the country is shifting seasons, has deemed the right and appropriate thing, since there will be additional chances of doing business and getting employment. It will also be a season of excitement where young people will be indulging in drinking and partying at the expense of improving the surroundings to keep the place clean and sustainable. Saving the environment should be an obligation of everybody, and that will be the theme of the festival.

What is the key insight into the target audience?

Young graduates in UAE are victims of media influence and swapping of careers even after graduating with specialized professions; hence, they forget that they need the environment as much as it needs them. This is due to wider chances of doing business and the ease at which people can become popular through relationships with celebrities. This poses a threat of lost environmental glory and wasted beauty of the country.

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What is the major selling idea?

The primary idea is to assist people in realizing their dreams and having a healthy life through a friendly environment, which will enable them to pursue their dreams and become the best people they have always wanted. We will encourage them to control their activities and manage the way they use the environment for sustainability.

Why should they believe us?

It might not be easy for them to believe us since we will be introducing several new ideas during this year's festival; things that have not been experienced before, and that is enough reason for them to doubt us. However, our mall has been credited on several other issues for the past few years, and this will give us a platform with a competitive advantage to win their trust. We have put in place measures to ensure that every promise we make has supporting evidence and an expert to address it.

How should we talk to them?

For clarity and easy acceptance from our audience, we shall use rather direct means of communication coupled with printed copies of the information that will be in the discussion. We will insist on the realization of oneself and the advantages of managing the natural environment. We will also engage them in active discussions and demonstrations using technological platforms where they seem to be more concentrated.

What is it we must include?

To make this year's festival a little bit more interesting and memorable experience for the guests, we shall include competitions where winners will get free subscriptions to the fitness, beauty, and counseling centers for the next couple of months. There will also be gift vouchers for shopping to make people have a taste of the services offered at the mall. This will be used as a motivation for the guests to keep coming to the mall even after the festival is over. There will be enter-to-win competitions and social media campaigns so that we will be able to capture the expected audience in terms of volumes and interest.

What are some creative starters?

The creative starters will bring together models from other parts of the world to inspire people with celebrity visions to motivate and guide them on how to get into the celebrity world and survive without losing focus. It will also bring environmentalists and nutritionists who will give speeches to people and advise them on how to achieve a better life through fitness and eating healthy food without harming the environment. Environmentalists will help the audience in understanding the connection between the environment and the future of the country, as well as the future of the people.

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Other factors

The total cost of conducting the campaign will not exceed AED 500,000. The campaign should also avoid contradicting activities for the sake of sustainable business.


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