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Part 1

The Companies

The given paper will look into the recruiting strategies employed in global brands like Nike, Adidas, Asics, and New Balance. These four companies have one thing in common: they manufacture athletic shoes. The most important aspect of the competitive relationship between these firms can be seen in the desire to produce the most popular and most profitable running shoes. In order to accomplish this goal, it is imperative to hire highly qualified staff. They need professionals, rank-and-file employees, as well as part-time workers to design, manufacture, and market the athletic shoes. Therefore, it is important to find out whether their respective websites were designed to attract prospective workers, thus allowing them to hire the best one that fits their needs.

Comparing the Recruitment Sections

Nike has an impressive recruitment section, and part of the appeal is the global awareness regarding its brand. In other words, there are many prospective employees who want to join Nike due to its reputation as a world-class company. Nike enhances its success rate to hire the best workers by telling them that they can make a lot of difference when it comes to the delivery of a particular service or the creation of a special product (Nike, 2014).

Adidas, on the other hand offers a bland presentation to their targeted audience (Adidas, n.d.). There was nothing on the recruitment section that compels people to check out their job offer. Those who badly needed a job will definitely check their recruitment process, but if their strategy is judged mainly on how they created this particular section of the website, it will be hard for them to compete with Nike when it comes to top talent.

Asics, on the other hand, made no great effort to inspire people. Just like the Adidas website, this one will only attract those who are looking for a job because they need money. If the company's recruitment strategy is judged based on the website, then, one can argue that the company will not be able to attract top talent in this particular industry (Asics, 2015).

The New Balance brand uses a recruitment strategy that is as impressive as Nike's one. The company understands that it is not enough to develop a straightforward message in order to reel in top talent from the labor market. New Balance puts forward a motivational message that taps into the desire to make a difference in the world. The company adds a message on corporate social responsibility that will give it a competitive advantage over the other brands (New Balance, 2015).

Comparing the Type of the Communication Message

Nike uses a targeted type of message. The target audience is called out using specific language such as, the need for corporate personnel, corporate leaders, retail workers, and even part-time involvement. The core message is also shaped to entice those who have strong motivation to help in product development.

Adidas also uses a targeted message; however, it was not clearly segmented in order to reach their intended target. For example, the general description was reduced to the following labels: 1) students; 2) undergraduates; and 3) graduates. It gives the impression that Adidas is not serious in going after the top talent available in the job market and is looking only for those who are going to use the company as a jumping point or stepping stone for their career in the design or marketing of athletic shoes. The overall look and feel of the site recruitment section is very effective in hiring part-time workers, and obviously, this is not the goal of Adidas.

Asics also uses a targeted message. However, the company simply posted a message that looks like the ordinary ones in the classified advertisements section of a newspaper. It is even blander compared to the Adidas strategy.

New Balance utilizes a targeted message strategy similar to Nike. The message attempted to appeal to talented individuals that are not only content to work for money. They wanted to hire people that are going to provide significant inputs because they love to work with high performance teams. They also targeted the message to people that want to help transform the New Balance brand.

Comparing the Design Factor Consideration

Nike, Adidas, Asics, and New Balance are conscious when it comes to the three primary design considerations: 1) Simplicity; 2) Accessibility; and 3) Presence of an Online Application Form. The only exception is Asics which does not have an online application form. Moreover, not all of them give much thought on the fourth design consideration, which is the need to provide information about the company's culture. This is a glaring problem when it comes to Asics. It can be argued that Adidas will have to refine how the website communicates the company culture.

Similarities of the Websites

The four companies struggle with the fifth design consideration. There are no selected links that will lead the user to relevant websites that in turn will allow them access to cost of living calculators or career advice. All four companies make sure that relevant information is conveyed to avoid confusion. The applicants have a fair amount of knowledge with regards to the prospective position that they want to apply for.

The Best Website for Recruitment

Adidas, Asics, and New Balance, must consider Nike's site as the gold standard. The aforementioned companies must look into how Nike inspires prospective employees. The company culture is communicated very clearly. It also makes known the type of person they need to hire.

How to Improve the Online Recruitment Process

All four companies will increase the effectiveness of their respective online recruitment process if they add links to related websites. The cost of living calculator is important in order to entice workers to transfer to a particular state. They will also improve their efficiency if they develop a system to ensure that the information in the career section is all updated. This will build good will for future and returning applicants. They should also invest in an IT infrastructure that will allow them to monitor the efficiency of the online recruitment process. They need to have the capability to monitor and track the recruitment process in order to find out whether they are able to hire the most appropriate candidate for a particular job.

Part 2

Google: Do Cool Things that Matter

If the applicant has the characteristics that Google needed, there is a high degree of probability that this person will go straight to Google (n.d.). The company is one of the most successful, affluent, and influential among different tech firms in the world today. Thus, Google uses a different approach. It entices prospective applicants by showing them they will have a great time working in the company.

The prospective applicant will have a hard time looking for the online application form. It is not easy to send it; one has to go through a circuitous route to find one. Thus, it is also not easy to look for the job that fits the needs and qualifications of the applicant. Part of the reason for the difficulty is that Google is a global company with different locations all over the world. At the same time, the company offers a significant number of jobs that requires specific sets of skills.

The Type of Communication Message

Google uses a targeted message, and this is directed to brilliant engineers and computer programmers that have the capability to work anywhere in the world. They designed a message to attract top talent, the best-of-the best in their industry and their chosen field.

Design Consideration

Google does not adhere fully to the conventional design needed in the creation of an effective recruitment website. The company focuses its resources in communicating a clear message n culture. The other aspect of the design consideration is not prioritized. For example, it is difficult to look for the online recruitment form.

How to Improve Google's Site

Google will probably improve its recruitment process if the applicant will find it easier to look for the application form. Nevertheless, if the prospective applicant finds it a challenge to look for it, then, he or she may not be qualified to work for Google. The company will also benefit from the creation of mechanisms that will help the Human Resource Department to track and monitor the application process. Google will also increase its efficiency if it can establish a protocol to continually update the information in the recruitment section of the website. However, if person looks at the website and the information it contains it will make him or her to believe that one of the brilliant engineers have already installed one or about to provide the final touches to a much improved online recruitment process.

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