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Disney Company Analysis

The Walt Disney Company works closely with subsidiaries to make an international enterprise for media and entertainment comprising of five main segments, that is, resorts and parks, interactive media, studio entertainment, media networking and consumer goods. The strategic implementation of the companys plans is no better seen like from Pinocchios song when you wish upon a star (Finch 65), which gives a perfect highlight of Disneys approach to the business.


Approx. revenues

Media Network


Park and Resort


Disney Studio


Disney Interactive


Consumer Products


The company has always had high aspirations even in situations that were seamlessly impossible but with all tribute to focus and perseverance. Since the beginning, the companys objective is to be the worlds leader in the provision of entertainment and information by use of portfolio for branding to differentiate consumer products. (Tracy 12-18) Disneys primary goal is to realize maximum earning as well as cash flow and make capital allocations for growth plans that are meant to promote long-term shareholders value. The company has an approximately 1.8 billion shares that are currently outstanding and equivalent to 90 billion dollars. Disney is able to strike a balance for rewarding its shareholders by paying dividends and making reinvestment of about 67% in current operations as pointed out by Jay Rasulo-Disneys Chief Finance Officer (CFO). (Tracy 12-18)

Disney continues to promote innovation and scan for newer opportunities within its Strategic Business Units (SBU), including the areas of real estate. At this point, the teams responsible for corporate project coordination usually become involved in management up to the point when projects are integrated with SBU. According to NYSE in 2014, Walt Disney Company reported better performance, which can be attributed to the success in the conversion of film franchises, such as Frozen, into consumer products. There was a growth in operating incomes with profits for consumer products and studios but with a reduction in the revenues accruing from advertising, which can be seen from the table below. ("Walt Disney Co: NYSE:DIS Quotes & News Finance.")

Quarterly trend results for NYSE 2014

March 2014

June 2014

Sep 2014

Dec 2014

Revenues (mil)





Rev. growth










Earning growth





Net Margin





The advancement of strategies is done through strategic planning, strategic leadership and putting in place emergent strategy systems. Therefore, the employees of Disney are bestowed with the responsibility of protecting Disney brands all over the world and the promotion of delivery of long-term value. Besides Disneys objective of satisfying the needs of its shareholders, it also emphasizes that there be imposed ethical behaviors that could have an impact on both the family unit and environment. (Finch 88) To ensure full implementation of the strategic plans, Disney has a unique manner of selecting very talented people who are competent to operate within all business segments. Well-structured ethical standards for Disney go a long way in defining its existence as it applies not just to employees but also the Board of Directors.

Objectives and Policies

The Walt Disney Company is generally diversified as having operations in its business segments. To act ethically is core to becoming a desirable corporate citizen. To attain this, the company ought to have clearly set objectives and policies that ensure proper governance and create an opportunity to leverage skills and passions for the entire workforce working towards attaining the goals. The objectives include the commitment to governance policies and actions that promote thoughtfully and independently in representing the interests of shareholders. Another objective is to encourage the workforce to employ integrity in a consistent manner that is in accordance with Disneys Standards of Business Conduct. Also, they seek to make an integration of loyalty with decisions on leadership as well as the behavior of Disneys employees.

Walt Disney has stipulated policies for fostering a safe and inclusive work environment as indicated in the California transparency supply chains Act. The latter also requires a commitment to the standards of Business Conduct in which employees are supposed to show respect to fellow employees. In addressing work conditions for the branded products, Disney has maintained a code of conduct for manufacturers as well as operating the International Labor Standards (ILS) program. (Finch 43-56) Of most importance is the safety of products that bear Disneys brand, and another intellectual property becomes equally essential. As a result, Disney-branded products from all categories ranging from books to toys and fine art have been accorded to various independent vendors and license holders. Strategies for management of chemicals are a reflection of diversity for such a business model and take in consideration dynamism for scientific knowledge and concerns for consumers and stakeholders. Integrity engineers have an equal mandate to conduct reviews of test reports received from license holders and certify that appropriate tests and procedures were carried out. The company then does regular reports on any changes regarding policies both on the website and Corporate Performance Summaries. (Sutherland n.p.)

Timeline for Integration of Project Coordination

First year


Gathering Top Talents for project management

Obtaining space for the Office

Building of a team


Integrate the team into Disneys culture

Compilation of the portfolio for existing projects

Announcement for changes in the Organization

Provision of platforms regarding process changes


Initiate systems for new projects

Second year


Building some knowledge base

Create diversity for portfolio

Education for project management


Conducting Evaluation on an Annual basis

Third year


Maintaining the project portfolio


Conducting Evaluation

If need be, conduct a re-engineering process

Strategy Evaluation

The focus on innovation is founded on the basis of evaluation for which the business is economically written. The basic SBUs for the said evaluations are indeed simple to attain as a result of massive amounts of documented performances that have been availed. In order to work newer projects more craft is needed in terms of evaluating performances, and a comparison is done on the net benefits produced before the inception of a project. Strategies are designed to give Disney the powers to the imagination and meaningful roles for ensuring the development of a creative generation. For instance in the media industry, Disney makes most of its sales from Television Broadcasting and Cable Networks. There was revenue of 263 billion dollars in 2010 but with a 1.6% growth rate expected in 2015.

In 2015, the management of Disney is determined to continue exploring newer ways of making healthy living and bring comfort and joy to kids while establishing connections with nature. It will definitely be a key to creative potential. Within 2015, it is the objective of the company to focus on the promotion of operations and realize citizenship objectives within the supply chains. A more profound visibility is fundamental for the supply chains and will be a component for the integration of responsible practices such productivity, safety, financial and environmental performances as well as quality. Also, the company plans to undertake a formal enterprise with prioritization processes driven to make commitment have a great impact on the entire business and more importantly on the shareholders. It is done to ensure a thorough focusing strategy as well as resources in the areas of great potential impacts. Without limitations on creativity and imagination, Disney is destined for a brighter tomorrow. (Walt Disney Company)

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