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New Kind of Entertainment

Video games became a new kind of entertainment for many people these days. In fact, they gained more popularity and drew attention more than any other entertaining medium for the moment. The game industry has grown drastically during a couple of decades and became a significant player in the market of entertainment. Such state of things made video games as important as cinema, theater, and other cultural pillars of modern society. The modern market of gaming consoles can offer such products as Microsoft Xbox 360, Sony PlayStation 3, and Nintendo Wii (Thadani, 2013).

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Wii seems the most attractive offer due to the following reasons: the console is rather easy to set up; the games designed for Wii are easy to learn to play; finally, Wii is twice cheaper than its major competitors are. Considering these factors, it can be concluded that Wii is the leader of the market in terms of sales. However, it is not so. Xbox 360 and PS 3 have strong positions as well and literally fight for the customers. The major factors influencing the attractiveness of each console are as follows: console design; games offered (exclusives, as well); recognition of the brand; features; and, of course, the price (Thadani, 2013).

Nintendo produces exclusive games for Wii that can be played on this console only. Therefore, such characters as Donkey Kong, Sonic, and Zelda can be met on Wii only. The same situation is with Xbox 360 and PS 3 – Halo series and Metal Gear Solid can be played on these consoles only respectively. It should be noted that games for Wii are substantially simpler due to the peculiarities of console design. However, such a state of things is leveled by the price of Wii. Also, Wii is a console for the entire family because it provides a gaming experience for companies to more extent than Xbox 360 and Plays Station 3 can. Both Microsoft and Sony produced utterly technological and powerful consoles while Nintendo chose less expensive and sophisticated by far more mass device (Thadani, 2013).

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It is assured by the concept of the system itself. According to Novosat (2013), “this gaming system uses controllers that act as motion detectors, relaying the movements of the players onto the screen.” In other words, game controllers allow people to feel the game process more interactively by making players move during the game. Such an approach allows purchasing Wii for small kids if compared to Xbox 360 and PS 3 that can be purchased for teens and older. Therefore, the higher price of both consoles is justified by the audience it has been designed for (Brand Finance, 2011).

Nintendo has a very long history in the gaming industry, while Microsoft is more famous for its operating systems and other, business-oriented products. Sony has many years of experience in the digital entertainment industry as well. PS 3 is much more expensive than Wii but provides sharper graphics and hardcore gameplay (Brand Finance, 2011). Xbox 360 is more expensive than Wii as well but has more interesting “serious” games to offer. Both Sony and Microsoft products can provide an excellent online gaming experience. However, Wii is very interactive and can be used for entertaining a group of people at the same time (Novosat, 2013).

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It would not be appropriate to recommend any of these consoles as a universal product. Three consoles propose different gaming experiences, different exclusives, and different price tags. It is necessary to determine the purpose of the future purchase and realize expectations from the gameplay to be able to choose the most suitable product. However, if money is not the issue, all three consoles would provide a great experience in the alliance. Wii is the most affordable and advantageous gaming console for simple and fun gaming in the company of friends or family circle. 

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