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The use of the internet has become common in the modern world, and due to globalization, information is being shared across numerous countries. Technology has helped most countries to develop their economy. For many businesses and companies to expand, they must embrace the use of the internet in gathering information about the new markets. In addition, human resource departments of successful companies use the internet during the hiring process of new staff. One can get a lot of information about a prospective employee from several network websites, like Facebook and Twitter. Also, information can be found on Google, Yahoo, and other internet sites. The information posted on the internet may pose a lot of challenges in handling them; sometimes people may not be aware of what kind of information is posted on the internet page or account about them while others post information that is untrue without acknowledgment of the consequences it may bring into their lives.

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Social websites, especially Facebook and Twitter, are not secure in terms of the information which is posted on them. Some information and pictures posted may not reflect the true pictures and character about a particular person, since the information is not controlled. Friends may post pictures of somebody without their knowledge or comment about somebody jokingly which may affect their image. In addition, articles which are written online may not be true as the person may not be asked whether the information may be posted. Nevertheless, the internet is a very important tool which can give the human resource department information about a particular person, which will help them in making a proper decision on whether the person can be hired or not. Companies should have clear policy on how to use the internet especially the social network websites in hiring process.

The Web Presence of Candidates in the Hiring Process for Hathaway Jones

While considering the use of internet in the hiring process of Hathaway Jones, there must be set of goals to be achieved; these can be either primary or secondary. The major goal to be achieved is getting the right people for the company. It is very important to know the social character of the prospective employee. A lot about a person can be learned through the internet. The kind of pictures that someone posts on social websites can tell us more about the character of the person. Also, some posts in the internet that can be in social websites, and Google can give information about someone. Using the internet will help to get the right person who should work in the company. The second goal is maintaining the image of the company; the kind of people that the company hires represents the image of the company in the public eye and one needs to hire someone who can have a positive impact on the image and the brand of the company. By looking at the information of a prospective employee on the internet, one can make sure that there is no negative information about the person on the internet. The information posted on the internet can cross borders since the internet can be accessed by many people across the world. If the person being hired has negative posts or images on the internet then the image of the company can be affected greatly.

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Other secondary goals can be achieved with a new policy governing the web presence candidates. These goals include saving time and the cost of conducting the interviews. The human resource department can get the information of a particular candidate in the internet and one can be able to make the decision in advance before meeting the person physically. This will help in saving time for carrying out the interviews and the cost of arranging and conducting the interviews. In addition, the cost of hiring a new employee after discovering that the first one was not good enough to be hired through the information posted on the internet would be reduced.

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Web searches can give a Human Resource department the information required for making a decision about hiring someone to work in the company; however, the information should be proved - whether it is true or false. The company should use trusted sites that are free from cybercrimes that tamper with the information of a particular person. Social sites which are not secure should be treated with much caution to make sure that the information gathered is true. For example, the use of internet networks like Facebook and Twitter should be treated with a lot of care, since other people, apart from the owner of the account, can post false information about the person. Information that is written by third parties like articles in the internet and newspapers should be verified before being used in making decision on whom to hire; this will ensure that the person hired is the right person. Also, the opinion of the candidate about the information which is posted should be put into consideration before making the decision, because the candidate may have changed his opinion on the issue as a result of time. For example, if the article was written 10 years ago, then the opinion of the candidate could have changed.

The company can avoid the risk of loss and chase of potential employees by giving the candidate a chance to explain the information found over the internet since some pieces of this information may not be true or had taken place a long time ago. For example, when a person had a different opinion, which has changed over time, he may provide clarifications to the hiring company. In addition, the information given should be from secure sources or from the person who has written the article; this is because the information that one has given himself will give one confidence in deciding without any external influence. Also, the information gathered should be treated with confidence and the Human Resource department should make sure that the privacy of the candidate is not compromised. The due process of the law should be followed while using the web searches in the hiring process, because if the proper laws are not followed then the exercise may lack credibility.

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The web searches are becoming important tools in hiring process in many countries across the globe; these searches are crucial in making decisions on whom to hire to work in the company. To utilize this tool fully, companies should have a clear policy that governs the use of the web presence of candidates in the hiring process. Some people may post pictures and other articles on the internet without knowing what the consequences of their action would be and these people should not be locked from the recruitment exercise. They should be given a chance to explain the information, and sometimes the information may be posted by a different person who may know the truth. In general, the information gathered in the internet through the social websites like Facebook, Twitter, Google and other online websites should be treated with great care to make sure that the person hired has the potential to carry out the job given to him and, at the same time, the image of the company is not damaged. This tool should be utilized properly in order to achieve its objective of getting the best people to work for the company and maintaining the image of the company in the public eye.

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