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This project will be carried out to plan, design, build, and implement a new service delivery system that will be very effective and reliable for the satisfaction of the customers. The system will allow the customers to have access to the banks services such as loans, cash and check deposits, enquires, as well as other financial advice. There is a customers demand for new systems and proper planning to increase the availability of these services in the bank. The project will utilize high technologies that will design a customer service able to meet all the needs of the customers, and this will put the bank in a strategic position in the new competitive world (Baldauf & Stair, 2011).

The service will enable the customers to login into their specified self-inquiry terminals at the nearby branches of the banks. Remote banking at the nearby self-inquiry terminals connected through a modem that can be accessed by the customers enables the customers to make enquiries concerning their bank accounts without travelling to the bank offices. The project will also include installation of a hundred ATMs machines per a banking region to ensure continued services. This will reduce the congestion in the bank premises as services such as withdrawals and balance enquiries are spread. Creation of a network of all computerized branches allows customers to transact at their convenient places and time. The project also involves creation of a Telebanking that will enable the customers to make transactions through their smartphones telebanking system, which will allow a 24-hour provision of services to the customers on issues of balances and other bank transactions. In short, the project will enable centralization of information and availability of banking services in all places, which will see the realization of an array of efficiencies and general effectiveness in the operations within the banking systems (Stair, Reynolds & Chesney, 2008).

Project Deliverables

There are several deliverables that would be produced after successful conclusion of this project. If any of deliverables listed below will not be realized, then the project will not be deemed successful, and the manager will have a responsibility of making sure that the deliverables are completed.

A tested and functional customer service system

A hundred tested and operational ATMs per a banking region

Fast and dependable service delivery

Improved customer service delivery

Ease of congestion in the banking halls

An expanded customer base

Customers report profile

Expected high returns on investment

Project Objectives

The main objective of this project is to develop an up to date service delivery system that will be very efficient and reliable for the customers' satisfaction, at a budgeted cost of two million dollars. The project will enable centralization of information and availability of banking services in all places. The project is expected to be completed within eight months from its start since it is a project that involves a wide range of activities as well as multiple parties or individuals. The goals of this project include a development of a service delivery system which will be implemented and tested by both parties, and the installation of ATMs which should also be tested.

A cost benefit analysis has been conducted on the new customer service system project. The successful conclusion of this project will provide important benefits to the bank. It is imperious that all relevant parties comprehend these benefits as well as the significance of the successful conclusion of this project. The implementation of this new customer service will cut down on the banks operational cost by over two hundred thousand dollars a year. The system will also increase the profit margin by twenty percent, as well as the banks customer base. The project will be successful if delivered within the ten percent of the approved budget (Ledgerwood, Earne & Nelson, 2013).

Project Constraints

A number of limitations have been identified for the new customer service system project. It is important that considerations be made for these limitations throughout the lifecycle of the project. All relevant parties must remain wary of these constraints as they must be cautiously planned to avert any adverse effects on the scope, schedule, and cost of the project. The constraints identified include:

The information technology experts will work 50% of billable hours of the project.

The project manager will work only 75% of billable hours in the project

The project must be accomplished between eight to ten months from its kick off.

The project needs to be finished within the budget limits.

The new system must conform to the existing hardware as no new hardware will be authorized for purchase apart from the ATMs (Sitkin & Bowen, 2013).

Project Assumptions

Several assumptions have been recognized for the new customer service system project. As a result, all the stakeholders must be wary of these assumptions as they present some level of risk to the project until they are ascertained to be true. The planning cycle of the project should identify and mitigate any risk related to the assumptions listed below;

The information technology team is capable of producing standard and professional manuals

The information technology experts working only 50% of billable hours of the project have the ability to complete the project within eight months.

The project executive working on the 75% of the time will finish the project in eight months.

The new customer service system project has total support from the top officials of all departments of the bank.

The required number of users will be available to test the new system when needed.


The project entails the development of a new customer service system which will include the design of a new service system, recommendations on new automations, as well as a feasibility study. The project will have its boundaries, which means it will not include:

Implementation of the new customer service system

Implementation of the recommendations from the feasibility study

Maintenance of the new service system

Acceptance Criteria

Acceptance criteria have been drawn for the new customer service system project to ensure a comprehensive vetting and completion of the project. The criteria are both qualitative and quantitative in nature. All the acceptance criteria must be conformed to in order for the project to be a success. These include whether the project:

Meets all the deliverables within the time and budget limits.

Reduces the delays and budget overruns by at least 30%

Improves the resource allocation ability of the bank.

Achieves an overall performance improvement in program metrics.

Technical Requirements

The functionality of this project will depend on the availability of certain equipment as well as other requirements. The assignment of the resources and equipment should be in line with the project management procedures. The following have been assigned to the project:

A hundred telebanking machines for every banking region

Two contractors per region. Each will work with fifty machines.

Two trucks, one per contractor and each with two delivery men (Kaufmann, 2015).


Type Name



Project Manager Approval

Customer or Sponsor Approval

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