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The Song to Willie Nelson

From the basic story of the book, of Randy Poe’s journey to get the song to Willie Nelson, I learned major lessons of the importance of honor, respect, obedience, and creativity. Poe was extremely creative in song plugging and the integration of lyrics. That, in particular, was the reason why Jerry Leiber, a renowned artist, requested Poe to deliver the Sinatra song to Willie Nelson. The song lyrics were best suited for an elderly artist, thus suiting Willie perfectly.

From Poe’s intellect and obedience, I learned the importance of developing confidence in my skills and maximizing opportunities. Any career demands to set and achieve specific goals. Jerry and Leiber had goals in music from an early age and they never faded in the old age since they always incorporated appropriate strategies.

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A song plugger needs to be creative, sharp, hardworking, and confident; he needs to be able to identify the right type of song to attach to an artist without getting it wrong. All these qualities are essential in my life and the career I intend to pursue because I want to be successful. The success of a career depends on how the above qualities are interrelated at different stages to bring positive results.

From Randy Poe, I learned that determination, focus, and stamina are essential in and outside the music business to be successful. Moreover, Randy asserts that success requires self-sacrifice, obedience, keeping a good track record as well as meeting targets.


Of everything I read in this book, the most important thing I learned and have already decided to apply to my life is that the key to a successful career is a well-drawn strategy. Also, success is guaranteed if there are potential and willingness to achieve.

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